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Where and When Al Qaeda Will Hit The US Again?

World Exclusive: Interview with Muslims "Hizboul'lah Moukatilloun" and "Al Tawheed Zealots" a.k.a. Terrorists!


Peggy: Are you planning on attacking the United States, again?

Abou Hussein: Not me.

Mahmood: Not me. But somebody else will.

Ruth: Do you know who is going to be? Somebody else, like who, for instance? Al Qaeda, possibly?

Mahmood: No, not Al Qaeda, other people. They have to prove themselves.

Peggy: Can't you tell us? You don't have to tell us everything.

Mahmood: It is going to be everywhere. And this time our people will attack and kill everybody, men, women, everybody. No distinction.

Ruth: Any particular targets in the United States.

Ahmad: We have a long list of targets. What Bush is going to do? Guard every meter in America? I don't think so. He is busy now with his presidential campaign.

Mahmood: We pick up new targets as we go.

Peggy: What do you mean?

Ahmad:We mean that targets change following new developments. Sometimes, the people we want to hit move from here to there and from there to here, like Bush, for example.

Ruth: What do you mean?

Ahmad: I mean, listen, I will give you an example. We planned on attacking Bush in The White House. Few hours before the attack, we knew that Bush left Washington to Florida. We could not attack him in Florida, because we did not have plans to do that. So, The White House attack was no longer important. What do we want from The White House? Stones? No. We wanted Bush.


Peggy: So what were the major targets? The ones you previously planned to attack?

Ahmad: We wanted to attack The White House, the CIA, the Capitol, the Pentagon. At the last minute, The White House was replaced by the World Trade Center in New York. The new instructions came from our people in Germany who were coordinating things. Nothing was decided upon in America. We were watching Bush movements all the time.

Ruth: Weren't you afraid the United Air Force could intercept the planes you hijacked and shoot them down?

Abou Hussein: Not at all. We knew, it will take the Americans long time to intercept the planes. The Americans are never prepared. They are so arrogant. They think nothing is going to happen to them. Besides, we have already calculated the time needed to attack each target. We knew that The White House was heavily protected on the ground but not in the air. The same thing for the Capitol and the Pentagon. Look, madam, we can attack any place we want in America. It is a big country.

Peggy: Reports show you could not attack The White House for other reasons. Officials in the United States claim that the pilots refuse to fly the planes over The White House. Others claim that fights broke up on the planes and the passengers took control of the planes. Correct?

Ahmad: Not correct at all. I am not going to tell you everything. If this is what you think, you are wrong, so are the Americans. We had another airplane ready to be taken from Washington. Actually, we had two airplanes. The second one was waiting for us in New York. It is more complicated than you think. In total, we had 5 airplanes part of the plan and ready for us.

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