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Where and When Al Qaeda Will Hit The US Again?

World Exclusive: Interview with Muslims "Hizboul'lah Moukatilloun" and "Al Tawheed Zealots" a.k.a. Terrorists!

Abou Hussein is a "strategic operator" from "Hizboul 'lah" (The Party of Allah: The Party Of God). Previously, he rendered his services to the Syrian Al Baa'th party in 1976; a Shiite-Alaouit party which was under the control of the late Hafez Al Asaad of Syria, the father of the current president of Syria. He servedthe Iraqi Al Baath party in 1978 which was under the direct control of Saddam Hussein. He frequently meets with "brothers" and very active anti-Israel suicide missionaries in Iran, Syria and United Arab Emirates. He holds a degree in political sciences from the "Arab University" of Beirut, located in a predominant Muslim area, nearby the Palestinian camp of Sabra. His two brothers were murdered by Bashir Al Jemayels Christian militia "Al Kataeb" during their assault on the Palestinian camps of "Sabra" and Tal Zaatar. He admits that he killed many Jews who lived in Wadi Abou Jmil in Beirut and Christian Lebanese during 1958 civil war/revolt against Lebanons former Christian President Camille Chamoun,and during the 15 year civil war in Lebanon which started in 1975 in the region of in El Remanneh bordering the district of Shiah in Beirut. He too, denied having killed Americans but "Now I am fed up with Bush, our honor has been tarnished by Bush and I am willing to do anything and everything in my powers to kill every Jew and American I see anywhere, any time." Abou Hussein told us.

In brief, the trio's motto and objectives are to destroy Zionism, free Palestine from all Jews,and keep America out of the Middle and Near East. Strangely enough, those three men are religious and devoted fathers. One of them is already a grandfather. They believe in the last judgment, in Jannah and Al Nar (Paradise and hell), in traditional Islamic family values, in Mohammad as the only "Rassoul" (Messenger of God). They revereMary as "Sittina Maryam" (Meaning: Our Lady Mary) because she was highly respected and honored in Al Quran in a lengthy chapter called "SOURAT MARYAM". They believe that Jesus is not the son of God but "Min Rouh' Allah", meaning from the breath or soul of God. They call Jesus "Issa" as epistemologically derived from Yashou. They believe in Moses and the prophets of Israel because the Prophet Mohammad said so in his Al Hadith Al Sharif, meaning the speeches and dialogues of Mohammad with his followers and Ulemas. In fact, the Quran recognized Jews and Christians as Min Ahl Al Kitab, meaning The People of the Books, or the People of the Sacred Book.

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