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World Exclusive: Interview with Muslims "Hizboul'lah Moukatilloun" and "Al Tawheed Zealots" a.k.a. Terrorists!


Peggy: What it would take to make peace between the Fundamentalist Muslims and the United States?

Mahmood: First, let me tell you something. There is no such thing as Fundamentalist Muslims. This is a fabrication by Bush and the Americans. Either you are Muslim or you are not. I am a Muslim and I don't understand what do you mean by Fundamentalist Muslims. If you mean they are terrorists, you will be making a big mistake. We are freedom fighters and we are fighting for our countries.

I read a lot about early American wars and battles against the Indians. I mean the American Indian tribes, about David Crocket and the Alamo. Would you call the Americans who were with David Crocket fighting the Mexicans, would you call them Fundamentalists and terrorists because they were defending their lands? No! Would you call them Fundamentalist Christians? No! I know. We, the Arabs, the Muslims we are doing the same thing. We are defending our lands against Israel and America who wants to change our way of live, our political system and create a more powerful Israeli state in the Middle East. We do not hate the American people. We only hate Bush and the first Bush too. Madam Peggy. Look, what we want is very simple...please madam Peggy and you too madam (talking to Ruth), please eat something, this is will not find this in America... OKKAY (with a strong accent), we will make peace with America and Bush or any American president, if America will do this:

Number one (Counting on his fingers): We want America out of our lands. Out of Iraq, out of Bahrain, out of Kuwait and out of Saudi Arabia. We will stay friends with the Americans, we will do business with the Americans, we will do import and export and trade with the Americans but, the American forces must leave immediately. Don't misunderstand me, I did not say civilian Americans. Civilian Americans are welcome to stay and work here, as long as they are not spies and working for the CIA. You understand? We have no problem with the American people. We have problems with Bush people.

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