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Where and When Al Qaeda Will Hit The US Again?

World Exclusive: Interview with Muslims "Hizboul'lah Moukatilloun" and "Al Tawheed Zealots" a.k.a. Terrorists!

LEBANON AND IRAQ- They explained to us what they want, how they will fight America and Israel, and how they will destroy Zionism and American Imperialism! They admitted that they fear Massad and the Israeli agents who infiltrated many Arab and Muslim countries and particularly Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. They mock the CIA and their "powerless and idiot" agents in the Near East. It was neither safe nor easy to interview Ahmad A., Mahmoud S. and Abou Hussein who are known to their compatriots as "honorable" men and "freedom fighters" andmost certainly portrayed by westerners as bloody killers and terrorists.

Ahmad belongs to "Ansar Al'Arab". Previously, he was a militia fighter from "Al Mourabitoun" and "Al Hizboul' Nasiri " (Lebanese Muslim party of thefollowers of Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt, created in early 70s by Najah Wakeem, a Christian Orthodox lawyer who defeated the very powerful Christian Orthodox Representative Nasim Majdalani of the District of "Mazraa" Beirut, in the 1970 Lebanon's parliament elections. The half-dormant "Nasiri" party is based in the regions of Mazraa, Mousaytbeh, Corniche Al-Mazraa, Al Barbir and Bastah in Lebanon. Ahmad maintains two residences in Lebanon and Syria. He studied at "Al Makased" high school located near "Al Barbir Hospital" in Beirut. He earned a law degree from "Ain Shams" University in Egypt. He taught briefly at an Arab school "Al Ma'had Al Arabi" (Arab Lyceum) in Bastah, Beirut. Also, he is a published author and a poet. He assured us that he has never killed an American or a Jew, but he will not hesitatea second to cut an American's throat and blow up the head of George Bush in pieces if he could.

Mahmoud isan active member of "Al Tawheed", referred to in the United States as a very dangerous terrorist organization; a sub-organization of Al Qaeda. Previously, Mahmoud was a member of "Al Ikwan Al Mouslimin" (The Muslim Brothers or The Muslim Brotherhood) based in Cairo, Egypt. Mahmoud told us that "AL MOUKHABARAT (Police or Secret Service) of the late Anwar Al Sadat, former president of Egypt tortured him with electricalwires and gadgets. He currently lives in Iraq. He holds an engineering degree from the American University in Cairo. Previously, he worked as a motion pictures set designer for famous Egyptian stars like Ahmad Ramzi,Choukri Sarhan, Hind Salameh and Berlinti Abdel Hamid. "I never killed an American before, but I will kill Bush "Ibn Al Kalb" (Son of a dog) in a second.

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