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World Exclusive: Interview with Muslims "Hizboul'lah Moukatilloun" and "Al Tawheed Zealots" a.k.a. Terrorists!


Ruth: What do you think of the CIA? Do you fear the CIA?

Ahmad:I fear only Allah. The CIA is a joke. The Israelis are better than the CIA.

Ruth:What do you mean by a joke?

Ahmad: For almost 20 years, the CIA tried to recruit Arab people to spy on the Palestinians, Abou Ammar (Nick name of Yasser Arafat), Egyptian government, the Saudi Royal family, Syria, Lebanon and Israel itself. Even, they sent spies to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in the Arab Gulf. We know the CIA have spies in Oman, Jordan and Turkey. We know also that the CIA is very active in Istanbul, Saudi Arabia, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. But, they could not penetrate Lebanon, Syria and Gaza. Before 1958, the CIA did well. After 1958, the CIA lost many agents in the Middle East, including Cyprus, Malta and Greece. The Americans thought that they can bribe Arab people. They were wrong. Of course, America has collaborators and traitors from several Arab countries. But those traitors have no access to vital information. They are stooges. We know who they are. We have a complete list of their names. They are either members of former Arab regimes, overthrown governments, boring professors at American universities, journalists at Al Hourra television station, this is another Bushs administration joke, or advisors at the Heritage Foundation, Council of Foreign Affairs, and contributors to television stations in America, such as Fox News. And they know nothing. So you see, the CIA when it failed to penetrate our groups, the CIA had no choice but to listen to ARAB TRAITORS AND OUTSIDERS who live in America. So, what the CIA got from them? Nothing! Wrong information, false reports and false intelligence. You see, those Arabs who became American citizens did not return to their countries for many many years. So, realistically, they know nothing about our operations. They are outsiders and we do not trust them. So we do not share information with them. The Israelis know that. But the Americans dont, because they are ignorant and arrogant.

Ruth: And how about the Israeli intelligence?

Ahmad: They are much better. At least, they know what they are doing. They know what to do.

Peggy: Do what? Why the Israelis are better than the Americans?

Mahmood: Mosad operates quite differently from the CIA. They are more effective despite their relatively limited resources and means. I will give you some examples:


1- The Israelis are here. They have been here for centuries. They know the lands. The Americans just arrived with their Playboy Magazine, cheap deodorants, tasteless coffee, funny haircut and smelly fried chickens. The Americans dont know the Arab countries and their lands.

2- The Israelis are everywhere. They blend with the local Arab communities. Anyway, many of them are Israeli Arab or Arab Jews. The Americans concentrate themselves and group their men in particular and restricted areas, usually in exclusively reserved sections or habitats for Americans. So, it is very easy to spot them, target them and hit them. The Israelis are more careful and discreet. They know how to hide, where to hide and how to avoid being spotted and located (sometimes). The Americans dont.

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