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Where and When Al Qaeda Will Hit The US Again?

World Exclusive: Interview with Muslims "Hizboul'lah Moukatilloun" and "Al Tawheed Zealots" a.k.a. Terrorists!

Abou Hussein, Mahmood and Ahmad love American hamburger, Coca Cola, Levis blue jeans, Madonna, Britney Spears, the movies of Humphrey Bogart, Robert Taylor, John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor, Burt Lancaster and Jack Palance. The greatest Mohammad Ali is their favorite hero because he used to hit his foes and win with "KABDAT AL ISLAM" meaning: The champion who hitsand wins with the "The fist of Islam" And yes, if they have the opportunity to live and work in Israel or the United States, they will do it in a heart beat!


We landed in Beirut International Airport, known also as Khalde airport. Previous arrangements were made to receive us at the airport and to drive us to our hotel located in the area of Al Manarah facing the beautiful Mediterranean sea. Two gentlemen impeccably dressed were waiting for us, as well as a high ranking security officer from the "Al Amn Al Am "(National Security Directorate). One of the gentlemen reassured us that shortly we will be meeting with Mahmood and his friends. The meeting was scheduled for early evening at a cafe located in the region of Ras Beirut near Sakyet Al Janzeer,not far away for our hotel. Three hours later, the same two gentlemen who met us at the airport picked us up in a Mercedes sedan from ourhotel and drove us directly to a designated cafe which served Lebanese food,American hamburger, French fries and believe it or not American milk shake and New Yorks style bagels. We did not know what to expect, who to expect to seeand who will be attending our interview. But so far so good. Everything appeared to be smooth and safe.

The side-walk cafe was packed. One could not ignore the elegance of the Lebanese women who were drinking, chatting, making jokes and laughing loudly. Ismael, one of our escorts directed us to a table where evidently Mahmood and his friends were seated. A 6 foot tall man, elegantly dressed, wearing a Christian Dior's tie and expensive crocodile shoes stood up, smiled to us, warmly welcomed us and greeted us in English and Arabic: "Welcome, welcome, Ya Ahlan Wa Sahlan", meaning in Arabic: You are most welcome. And this elegantly dressed up man was nobody else than Mahmood himself. He introduced us to his friends who were equally well-dressed and kept on repeating "Welcome to Beirut, welcome to Beirut." We did feel some warmth and sincerity in the way he received us and more particularly in the manner he displayed civility and courteous demeanor toward two western ladies. Yet, we remained very cautious and alert all the time.

Without asking us what we wish to order, to drink or to eat, Mahmood took the liberty to order a fleet of dishes of all sizes and shapes of Lebanese favorite national specialties and appetizers, such as Warak Bi Arich (Grape leaves), Lisanat (Lamb tongues), Baba Ghanouj (Eggplant mousse), Mejaddara Msafayeh (Lentil mousse or salad), etc. It was a feast to the eyes. We started to count how many dishes were brought up, and if we were not mistaken, no less than 40 dishes were already on the table. It was really something unique. However, no hard alcohol was served. We ordered two bottles of Perrier. Mahmood and his friends, to our great astonishment, ordered Amstel beer. We thought that Muslims do not drink in public, little did we know. And they drank like a fish! Khaled one of the gentlemen sitting at our table assured usthat "Bon Viveurs Muslims drink as much as Jews and Christians do." Mahmood took the initiative to tell us that he is ready for the interview. And the interview began, verbatim and unedited; meaning printed as is, without editing or correcting grammatical or linguistic errors

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