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Synopsis of The White House serious mistakes in invading Iraq and poor judgment vis-Ã-vis the Iraqis and Arab people.

1- This or that applicant is not a member of the established American intelligence community;

2- This or that applicant has no contact with people or groups from the inner circle of the administration;

3- This or that applicant is highly overqualified and the agency could not afford to pay him or pay her;

4- This or that applicant is of a French background, and consequently, she or he could not be trusted;

5- This or that applicant has a very strange and suspicious long name;

6- This or that applicant has something bizarre about him or about her, because the applicant's social and educational backgrounds as well as multidimensional foreign cultural and social activities seemed too much European, too much foreign, too much ethnic, too much un-American or not "American enough".

7- No budget to hire new operations officers or lack of funds to recruit, train and assign new recruits for urgent and most needed intelligence work. (Especially in Spain and Holland).

But basically, the major reason for not hiring this or that applicant is this: "Applicant is not a Washington's or a Bush's group insider." Grosso modo, If you are NOT one of them (CIA or FBI) and/or you are not "connected" to their friends and people of power in Washington, D.C, you will never be hired by the CIA or the FBI! And this is catastrophic. Of course, the CIA and the FBI have many Muslims and Arabs on their payroll. Both agencies employed a large number of Muslims and Arabs as informers, spies, consultants, analysts, political wizards, political scientists, profilers, statisticians, agents, operations officers, investigators, interrogators, saboteurs, linguists, translators, interpreters, journalists, writers, researchers, monitors, labs technicians, double agents and observers. Frequently, we see many of them (active or former agents) on several American television nightly talk shows. They appear as political commentators, analysts, contributors, correspondents and anti-terrorism experts; an avalanche of former CIA, FBI and various intelligence agencies experts and field officers parading before our very eyes, and showing us how much they know about Al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein and the Islamic Fundamentalist movement around the world. They brag about their expertise. The wise and the alert should hold his or her horses for a moment, reevaluate the statements, opinions and commentaries of those so-called experts, and remember how their so-called expertise and knowledge of the Islamic and Arab world did a great disservice to our nation and jeopardized the safety and lives of our men and women abroad! Their expertise brought us destruction and catastrophes! In Washington and on American television, we have more anti-terrorism experts than terrorists, and more rhetoric solutions than problems. This is the kind and vintage of "brilliant" people our government (Past and present) has been hiring for the past 20 years! Hiring was solely based upon political factors, "connection", "political favors", idiotic hiring criteria and ridiculous misjudgment of character and abilities. Finding and listening to qualified, experienced, cultured, educated, unbiased and pragmatic political advisors, consultants, experts and analysts should not be a Homeric task. Per esempio, outstanding people and brilliant minds like NYU's Dr. Noah Feldman (Author of AFTER JIHAD), Dr. Monica Crowley (One of the most fascinating and engaging political analysts in this country) would be a great asset to The White House "thinking- machine" and to the US intelligence agencies. But Helas! This and previous administrations do not always look and move, shake and bake in the right place and in the right direction.

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