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Synopsis of The White House serious mistakes in invading Iraq and poor judgment vis-Ã-vis the Iraqis and Arab people.

1- The Israeli intelligence, Mossad and other Israeli agencies;

2- The Christian Maronites (Mawarnah) sources in Lebanon;

3- The Christian Ashurians (Assyrians or Ashuris) in Iraq;

4- The Christian Syriac (Syrianis) in Syria;

5- The Christian Copts (Kouptis) in Egypt;

6- The military and intelligence observers in India;

7- The French agents operating in Greece, Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, the Middle East, the Near East and Asia Minor;

8- The formers KGB agents who defected to the United States and previously worked at the Russian (CCCP) embassy in Beirut, and “circulated” in Syria, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Iraq;

9- The Jews who emigrated from Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon to Israel and finally settled in the United States.

Plenty of them currently live in the United States and are willing to share information with the CIA and President Bush's administration. The US should have NOT fully trusted Muslims and Arabs who operated under the umbrella of the CIA and the FBI.Fully trusting the Arabs, the Iraqis, the Pakistanis, the Afghanistanis, the Muslim leaders and Arab informers and believing that they will provide vital intelligence and accurate reports was a big mistake!


The FBI and the CIA failed miserably in:

1- Recruiting effective and well-trained foreign agents;

2- Recruiting and training potential agents and operations officers from the United States;

3- Recruiting and/or hiring "areas and regions" experts;

4- Collaborating with the experienced military and intelligence observers of our allies and friendly countries.

Both agencies, the CIA and the FBI publicly claimed that they lacked effective human intelligence on the ground and in the field. The fact is that, many experienced and qualified individuals (and clean like a whistle) who have applied to the CIA and to the FBI were totally ignored. I know for a fact that many American-foreign born citizens with outstanding credentials, fluency in many foreign languages, including Arabic, Farsi and Urdu, an unsurpassed knowledge of the region (Middle and Near East), documented expertise in Syrian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Palestinian politics, internal affairs and socio-politico-demographic regional events who have offered their services to the CIA and to the FBI in Washington, D. C, Miami, California were turned down or completely ignored by the CIA and the FBI. Sometimes, they were turned down for some stupid and alarmingly choking reasons such as:

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