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Synopsis of The White House serious mistakes in invading Iraq and poor judgment vis-Ã-vis the Iraqis and Arab people.



Almost 99.99% of President Bush's decisions and his aides recommendations were based upon information and intelligence reports provided by various uncoordinated intelligence agencies, including but not limited to the CIA, FBI, NSA, American embassies abroad, various intelligence departments and sections in the military, high profile Arab dignitaries, former Arab senior politicians, and Iraqi persona non-grata and shady characters. Unfortunately, the overwhelming information on terrorism, Al Qaeda and various terrorists organizations in the eastern and western hemispheres were provided and "crafted" by:

A- FOREIGN SOURCES: Unreliable foreign informers and Arab nationals, so-assumed allied operators, Arab defectors, former members of deposed regimes in the Arab world, poor quality of spies and informers of a foreign ethnic origin who disdain this or that particular Arab regime et al. Almost 90% of them failed (intentionally or unintentionally) to provide accurate and reliable information for obvious reasons, reasons we know and reasons we ignore. But what is almost certain is the fact that, the majority of Arabs and Muslims who offered their services to the American government and its intelligence agencies had no intention -whatsoever- to genuinely help us in general, and President Bush in particular. Despite the fact that they hated Saddam Hussein and other forms of governments and regimes in the Near and the Middle East, their hate and disdain for the USA and the alleged Jewish-Christian Conspiracy are bigger than their loyalty to the United States and far greater than their desire to remove Saddam Hussein and various tyrants in the Arab and Islamic worlds. The Bush's administration never realized that Arabs and most particularly Muslims will never participate in any honest effort or a course of action to replace and or to substitute Islamic values and beliefs with American values, beliefs and political system, no matter how unhappy and unsatisfied they were or are with the regimes which unjustly governed their countries, deprived them from their basic human and civil rights, ruined their lives and destroyed their families and beloved ones.

An Arab will always remain an Arab and a Muslim will always remain a devoted Muslim at any cost. Nothing is wrong with this picture, as long as, we realize and understand that a “true” Arab and a devoted Muslim will never side by Israel, the Jews, the Christians and the United States. Consequently, any intelligence or information provided by an Arab and a Muslim should have been checked over and over again, and periodically put to an "unscheduled" test. The Bush's administration failed to do so. Almost all the Arab defectors, Muslims spies working for the United States inside the USA and abroad, as well as Arab and Muslim heads of states assumingly friendly toward the USA worked against the USA interests in the region of the Near and Middle East. Behind closed doors, Egypt's Housni Mobarak, Pakistan's Musharraf, Saudi Arabia's royal family, influential members of the Hashemite family in Jordan and USA appointed men of power in Afghanistan and Iraq work in sync to annihilate Israel and to destroy the influence and expansion of power of the USA in the Arab and Muslim worlds.

By nature, by necessity, by tradition and by raison d' etre, Arab leaders hate Israel, the Jews, the Christians, America and what the USA stands for! They were never the friends of the USA and till the end of time, they will remain USA foes and antagonists. The intelligence and information, the US should take into a great consideration are those which were, are or shall be provided by:

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