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Synopsis of The White House serious mistakes in invading Iraq and poor judgment vis-Ã-vis the Iraqis and Arab people.


Why President Bush's "American Democracy" will never work in Iraq or in any Arab or Muslim Country!

Don't exclusively blame President Bush for the tragic and unfortunate events and embarrassment caused by The White House's decision to invade Iraq, and the US-Middle Eastern foreign policies fiasco, for anti Bush's coalition and his political opponents are equally responsible at many levels. Most certainly, we need to get out of Iraq; the cemetery of our heroes and graveyard of our brave troops diligently and desperately fighting to restore law, order, peace and human dignity in Iraq. Meanwhile, as a proud nation facing global terrorism, daily threats and anti-American sentiments at home and abroad, we should stand by President Bush in his fight against terrorism, his sincere efforts to establish human rights, civil rights and democracy in Iraq, and most certainly in his genuine interest to secure the safety and peace of mind of the Israeli people. I am absolutely certain that this man is a great American, a decent human being with high ethical standards and family values who never intended to mislead the nation.

Instead of constantly criticizing President Bush and humiliating his administration for invading Iraq, we should work with him, refocus, recollect our thoughts, anchor our positive collective determination, and hope for a brighter future. Constant destructive and bitter criticism of an American president will only bring shame and dishonor to our great nation, and transform us into the laughing-stock of world's communities. Mistakes were made. Poor social and political judgment embarrassed our nation. Misunderstanding and underestimating Arab regional conflicts, Islamic religious fervor and Iraqi patriotic zeal caused severe damages to the international prestige of the United States. But, with complete honesty, we should ask ourselves if did anything go right in invading Iraq? Was it worth it to depose Saddam Hussein? And no doubt, the answer would be: YOU BET!! Saddam Hussein was THE real threat to the stability and peace of the Middle/Near East region, to the neighboring Arab countries, to Israel and to the American interests in the Arab and Muslim world! He had to be removed!

Don't criticize the American media for crafting melodramatized and exaggerated news reports and coverage ad nauseaum, exposing or hiding fake or accurately hot breaking news, for a large segment of the public tremendously enjoys trigger-happy and "explosively chocking" news and articles. All of us, Republicans, Democrats, Independents and those who are between are equally responsible to a certain degree, individually or collectively, willingly or unwillingly. It is not our intention to singularly put the blame on one narrowly chose politician, one individual or a group, nor to single out particular decision makers and point the finger at specific decisions taken by the US government in any department and at any level which either catapulted tragic events, wars, catastrophic diplomatic relations or major failures in domestic and foreign policies. The sole purpose of this editorial is:

1- To briefly synopsize the major mistakes and embarrassing decisions we made as an American nation and to propose some possible "remedies" and solutions in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future;

2- To outline the merits of the American military invasion, gains and beneficial results of removing Hussein from power;

3- To explain why President Bush's "American Democracy" will never work in Iraq and in any

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