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Energy Crisis and Crisis of Leadership

By Hank Levy

A BP gas pump.  Photo by Aaron LawrenceEvery few years the price of gasoline goes through the roof.  When it finally hits the consumer in the pocketbook the results are anger, frustration and the feeling that our representatives, senators and president are not only uncaring but incompetent as well.  And these feelings are not only very real but also very accurate.

For years our oil companies have had their hands tied by these government representatives and been denied the opportunity to increase our energy resources and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.  Drilling has been outlawed in Alaska and off of our costs [where other countries have a free hand].  Building new refineries has been outlawed.  Pursuing the use of atomic energy has been demonized.  Reach into finding clean methods to utilize our vast coal reserves appears non-existent.  What the heck is going on?

Our country has always been creative, innovative and aggressive in supplying the public with what it needs.

Environmental fanatics in collusion with liberal democrats [and possibly all democrats] and some republicans have stopped America from becoming energy independent.  This must stop!

We all must tell our representatives, senators and president to make it stop … or we will never vote for them again.  Apparently that is the only message that registers with these people!

Focus the anger you feel each and every time you fill up your gas tank by contacting these “public servants” and telling them just how fed up with their lack of leadership you are.  It is also quite ironic that these “public servants” get perks like cars and gas for their cars yet have the chutzpa to pretend like they can understand and personally relate to those struggling in the working class and middle class!

Americans realize that there are many world problems that are truly difficult to solve [such as peace in the Middle East and how to extricate ourselves properly from Iraq], but this is not one of them.  If our representative can not be counted on to institute measures to lessen our dependency on foreign oil then they prove themselves to be not only useless but downright dangerous.

To contact your representatives go online to:, enter your zip code and you should be able to access your congressperson and senator and send them emails.  If we don’t tell them in large numbers how we feel and what we expect from them, our concerns will surely be dismissed.  Be strong.  Be firm.  Be clear in your message.  And don’t take any crap from any of these people.  Remember, they work for us and we can and should fire them if they ignore us.

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