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October's People

By: Gad Nahshon

Mike Burstyn is the star of the new musical "Jolson" about the life of the famous singer, Al Jolson. "He was the first superstar of this century - like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, put together," remarked Burstyn, himself a superstar in the Jewish world. But in order to see him, you must fly to... Chicago.

She loves people. She loves to host them in her beautiful residence located on the East Side of Manhattan. She contributes some flavor to the Big Apple: Mrs. Gloria Starr Kins, who is the editor of the U.N.-based "Washington International" and the President of The Kins Group L.T.D., recently organized a special party, together with Mr. James Hatt, chairman of P.L.D. Telecom, for Professor Vladimir Kvint, expert on global economy, a member of corporate America, the first Russian who established the first private bank in Russia and today the author of a promising book: "The Global Emerging Market in Transition" (Fordham University Press, N.Y., 1999).

Many celebrities from the U.N. community and many executives from corporate America came to this outstanding party, one that only dedicated people such as Mrs. Kins can produce. Among the celebrities were: Prince Michel of Yugoslavia from PMY Group L.T.D. and Dr. Hironobu Ishikawa, President of Yomiuri America, Inc. Professor Kvint gave a small, short presentation of his personal career as a new American who immigrated to the United States only ten years ago. Kvint is a member of P.L.D. Telecom's Board and a teacher at Fordham University.

It was an unprecedented Israeli concert and a unique Israeli happening in Manhattan. The audience refused to leave the Beacon Theater on June 6, 1999 and gave this group a non-stop standing ovation. The group came to the United States as a one-time reunion. They belong to the best of Israel's world of popular music and entertainment. This group/ban, called Kaveret/Poogy, made history and influenced the Israeli scene with its unique style of music and performance. It is music and lyrics with popular Israeli humor. It is an Israeli kind of rock 'n' roll, the Sabra one.

Kaveret/Poogy began playing in the mid-seventies and quickly rose to fame. The seven original members: Danny Sanderson (guitars/vocals), Gidi Gov (vocals), Efraim Shamir (guitar/vocals), Alon Olearchik (bass/vocals), Yitzhak Klepter (guitar/vocals), Yoni Rechter (piano/keys/vocals), and Meir "Poogy" Fenigstein (drums/vocals), re-emerged after a long silence for a one-time reunion concert in Park HaYarkon in Tel Aviv, Israel last year. Due to the overwhelming fan response, the band decided to bring their music back to America for this once-in-a- lifetime reunion tour, celebrating the band's 25th anniversary.

Known as Israel's answer to the Beatles, Kaveret/Poogy holds the record for the largest concert attendance in Israel's history, having drawn over 500,000 fans to their Tel Aviv concert in 1984. The band's rich legacy includes four successful albums and over half a million record sales with approximately 20 number-one hit singles. Last year's Tel Aviv concert that was attended by an unprecedented 42,000 mostly new fans, is the inspiration for the current U.S. tour.

The Jewish Community Relations Council of New York ("JCRC") had its annual meeting in order to elect the Board and the President. The President, Gedale B. Horowitz, was elected to serve one more year. Ronald Weiner was in charge of nominating new members to the JCRC's Board of Directors.

Michael Miller is the Executive Director of the JCRC. Stephen D. Solander from the U.J.A.- Federation greeted the participants of this meeting (June 2, 1999) in Manhattan and the Honorable Elliot Spitzer, New York State Attorney General, was the guest speaker. Spitzer was impressed by the JCRC's "effective" election method and with a smile said that he needed some ideas from the organizers on "how to be elected again." Among the guests were Shmuel Siso, Consul-General of Israel, and representatives of China, Germany and Austria. The JCRC maintains relations with U.S. delegations.

The Israeli dance teachers Mishael Barzilay, Shmulik Govri and Avi Peretz invite everyone from October 8th to the 11th to participate in a special "Hagigah" (celebration) in their Olin Sang- Ruby Union Institute in Oconowoc, Wisconsin. This is a great "happening" of Israeli dance, culture and entertainment (fax: 847- 509-0970). Phil Moss and Etty Dolgin are the directors.

Emmy Award winner, actor Fyvush Finkel, was honored recently by the New York Friar's Club. Friar Micky Freeman was the M.C. Many celebrities attended, including Clair Barry, Bob Melvin, Jack Engle, Judy Scott, Elliot Finkel and others.

A compendium of the work of Vladimir L. Kvint, Global Emerging Market in Transition: Articles, Forecasts, and Studies is an essential guide to understanding the intricacies behind global trends and emerging markets. Starting with the explanations and definitions of global trends, classifications of different perspectives of emerging markets, and the general understanding of the nature of modern global emerging markets, Professor Kvint moves the reader through the current emerging markets in Europe, Central Asia, and Latin America, providing analyses and forecasts.

He then presents an in-depth analysis of today's largest emerging market - Russia. Professor Kvint stresses the importance of Russia's move from a communist command system to a free-market economy, and how this will affect the business community politically, socially, and economically.

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