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Abraham Fund Fundraiser

Ami Nahshon addressed a cautiously optimistic crowd at the 2004 Abraham Fund's 11th annual benefit dinner. At this particular occasion, despite the recent turmoil, there seemed to be more reason for optimism than caution. His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal addressed the audience by personally supporting the Abraham Fund's aim the audience by personally supporting the Abraham Fund's aim of advancing coexistence

Ami Nahshon, President and CEO of the Abraham Fund highlighted how the fund's support of over 650 coexistence projects have brought Arabs and Jews together to learn from one another and the build trust between them. "like it or not, our futures are inextricability linked" Ami commented about the need for tolerance between Arabs and Jews.

Refreshingly, Jordanian Prince El Hassan bin Telal reaffirmed Ami's statements. The Jordanian royal commented of his involvement "I am risking my life". While sad, it is no surprise that an Arab leader has these fears while standing on stage between the Israeli and American flags preaching for peace. It is also extremely ecouraging for Arabs and Jews alike that such a powerful individual is pursuing such noble goals.

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