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Natan Sharansky "The Muslim De-humanization of Jews"

by Gad Nahshon

It was a shocking moment: Natan Sharansky, today an Israeli Minister for Diaspora affairs, aired brief excerpts of a 30 part vile and viru-lent anti-Semitic Syrian produced television series which was recently broadcast on the Hizbullah Manar Satellite television channel.

The Arab or the Muslim propaganda uses our modern technology and the theater in order to promote the protocols of the "Elder" of Zion and the "Blood Libel." It is even worse than the Nazi propaganda. This film was aired on Ramadan: "Its goal is to de-humanize the Jews. It is not surprising to find that Muslims attack Jews with yarmulkes," said Sharansky at the Conference of Presidents.

He spoke about the rise of this new anti-Semitism. He was introduced by James S. Tisch and Malcolm Hoenlein. The second guest speaker was Dan Gillerman, Israel's Ambassador to the U.N. Sharansky pointed out that millions of Muslims will be influenced by this series: "In Russia there were people who told me: today Jews do not use blood for Passover but they did in the past," said Sharansky, an international Jewish hero, a symbol of Jewish pride and freedom. "One can also see the trend of a Nazification of Israel," remarked Sharansky.

This propaganda means a right to murder Israelis. He also was critical of many liberals which express tolerance toward the new anti-Semitism. He remarked on the "double standards" of the U.N. which defends only the human rights of the Palestinians.

Dan Gillerman related to Sharansky as the best spokesman of the Jewish people and defined Israel as a "Jew among the nation." He said that Israel is combating terrorism but has been "terrorized" in the U.N.: "We decided to be more aggressive. We must stop the non-stop bashing of Israel. We must move to the offensive. We proposed a resolution about the suffering of the Israeli children. We try to test the U.N., to expose its hypocrisy. They only care about Palestinian children. But we failed. We wanted to believe that the U.N. is not anti-Israeli or an anti-Semitic entity," said Gillerman. The U.N. failed the test.

Malcolm Hoenlein said that the U.S. is willing to pressure Syria to cancel these films, but it is not clear as to the results. Sharansky pointed out that the global democratic society does not care about this film, about the de-humanization of the Jewish people.

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