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A new star was born in Israel: Harel Levy, a young tennis player. Recently in Rome, he surprised many people by defeating the great 'star' Sampres! Levy, who is 23 years old argued that this victory demonstrates his great potential. Today, Levy is only 40 in the world's list of great tennis players. But he certainly has a great future. It is important to show to the world that Israel can contribute to sport and not just to war and conflicts.

From the desk of Prof. Judy Salwen: Outstandingly funny, at the 92nd Street Y's May 21st Gala, was the superstar, Bette Midler, as part of a tem effort to raise funds for the Y's programs. Artistically effective was the May 31st opening of SOFA that benefited the American Craft Museum. Featuring the Art of the Sandwich, over 40 chefs fed guests with sandwiches, unusual, while the guests viewed sculptures from all over the world at the 7th Regiment Armory.

On June 3rd, the Jewish National Fund honored David & Chaya Saity, in an evening of auction and entertainment. The event was hosted by Tony Randall and funds raised went to support JNF's work increasing Israel's water supply.

Yoel Sher is one of Israel's most distinguished classical grassroots Israeli comedian-musicians. He introduced his stand-up comedy many years before it turned out to be a fashion in this country. Sher is known in many countries such as the U.S. or Brazil, as an international performer. He has a unique sense of humor and he is also a great story-teller. Recently, his friends and the city of Petach-Tikvah, his hometown in Israel, honored him with a great ceremony. It was organized by Amos Ettinger. The emcee was Eitan Lev. The mayor of this city came to show his admiration to Sher who contributed to the Israeli quality of world entertainment.

Abram Grobard, a musician-singer and great performer, represented Sher's friends and admirers in America. Among the participants were: Benny Berman, Edna Goren, Israel Yitshaki, Abram Grobard and Peter Werthiemer. Sher was happy to listen to the performance of his daughter, Sharon Sher and his son Alon Sher. They, of course, performed songs which were composed by their father-composer, Sher. It was certainly a touching event.

Since its original publication in 1986, The New Jewish Wedding has been assigned to engaged couples by Conservative, Reform, and Reconstructionist rabbis alike. The New Jewish Wedding: Revised and Updated (A Fireside Original/A Simon & Schuster Trade Paperback; March 6, 2001; $14.00; 0-7432-025504), Anita Diamant, one of the most respected writers of guides to Jewish life, continues to offer step-by-step guidance to planning the ceremony and the party that follows - from hiring a rabbi and wording the invitation to organizing a processional and hiring a caterer.

Many people ask: 'Where is Israel's ambassador to the U.S.?" They mean Gen. (Ret.) David Ivry, a legendary personality in Israel's military-defense history and a 'founding father' of its Air Force. But as an ambassador it is not clear what he is doing here. Perhaps he is doing secret work for Israel. Perhaps he is the wrong person for this diplomatic job. One must understand that Israel's fate has to do with the 'War of Minds.' It is not a P.R. issue. It's a psychological warfare! We must challenge their propaganda as soon as possible. The Ambassador must lead!

Recently, Arik Sharon visited Berlin's Gruenewald Railway Station from which the first 21 German Jews were sent by the Nazis to Auschwitz (Nov. 1942). During the 'Holocaust era', 52,000 Jews were sent to their death from this cursed station.

According to Jinsa Report, Sharon stated: "I come here today from the Land of Israel where I was born, in which I live and for which I have fought all my life. Maly, Hala and Abraham Bobkar were from my age group when they set out from here on their last journey. The same historical process that scattered my people across the entire globe and founded the Zionist movement is what led to the fact they, and not I, were on transport 23.

"Today, 56 years after the final group was sent from platform 17 at Gruenewald, we must remember, more than ever, that the State of Israel's right to defend itself is a major right and obligation which has been given us in order to prevent the recurrence of the events we recall as we stand here on this platform.

"We must remember that the Jewish people have one small state in which we have the right and the power to defend ourselves with our own forces, and we must daily thank the Almighty for this."

The New Republic Magazine needs marketing in N.Y.C., so, at the Center for Jewish History, it sponsored an evening about a unique, non-conventional exciting topic, 'Israel and the Arabs: The Illusion of Change.' Of course, in a city such as New York they could not find even one grassroots Israeli soldier scholar who can say something on this topic therefore you had to listen to the same 'experts' that you heard about before: Mort Zuckerman, Michael Wabzer, Laurence Grafstein (is he also an expert?) and Leon Wieseltier, a 'man for all seasons, the epitome of the term 'intellectual at large,' and Martin Peretz Wieseltier, at least, controls Hebrew. Should not the 'new republic' sponsor a panel which will illuminate Israel's contribution to the new world's civilization: culture, science, Health and so on? It will be a nice gesture for Israel, celebrating its 53 years of survival!

Howard Rubinstein, the famous 'King' of public relations was honored by the Museum of Jewish Heritage. Its annual dinner took place at the Waldorf Astoria. Among the many celebrities who attended were: Rupert A. Murdock, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The News Corporation Limited, Mayor of New York Rudolph W. Giuliani, Museum Chairman and Manhattan District Attorney Robert M. Morgenthau, and Museum President Alfred Gottschalk. Co-chairs of the dinner were Larry A. Silverstein, President, Silverstein Properties, Irving Schneider, Co-Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, Helmsley-Spear, Inc. and Arthur M. Siskind, Senior Executive Vice President and Group General Counsel, The News Corporation Limited, Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, Lily Safra, widow of Edmond Safra, New York media titans Mortimer Zuckerman and Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor Edward Koch, TV/radio personality and Holocaust survivor Ruth Westheimer, Israel Consul General to New York Alon Pinkas and magnate Ronald Perelman. Dr. Alfred Gottschalk, a leader in the reform movement and a scholar, is the new president of this museum.

Proceeds from the dinner will benefit the Museum's educational programs. With more than 2,000 photographs, 800 artifacts, and 24 original documentary films on display, the Museum uses personal stories and artifacts to bring the 20th century Jewish history and the Holocaust to people of all ages and backgrounds.

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