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"Hungry for Love" expresses the unique-creative avant-garde art of Chris Bleicher who lives in Munich, Germany, but she cares for the well-being of our planet, our nature and our human values. She is an international artist who exhibited in this country, as well.

She loves to work with neon picture objects and with her many pioneering neon installations. She likes to integrate her work with nature. She tries to educate us in environmental protection. It is her most important message.

Her slogan is: Environment, Exotics, Erotics, and with a Humorous Touch...

"The Palestinian committed 2500 acts of violence and terrorism since Sept. 2000," said Israel's Chief of Staff, Shaul Mofaz, in a rare meeting with the members of the Conference of Presidents in N.Y.C. He explained that Arafat never made a real effort to stop terrorism: "What would another country have done to stop this reality," asked Mofaz. He also explained that it is not easy for Israel to retaliate because there is the danger of an escalation and war with other Arab countries. He repeated Israel's new policy of restraint. Mofaz said that Iran is dangerous because of its missile 'shihabs'. He also said that the Hizbullah took over South Lebanon and attacked Israeli targets from there. But he did not criticize the unprecedented Israeli evacuation of South Lebanon. A mistake? But others defend this evacuation saying that every day 30 soldiers could have been killed.

Mofaz gave the impression that Israel does not have an answer to the Palestinian War of Attrition against this state: "The key to peace is in the hands of Arafat," concluded Mofaz. Among the guests were: Malcolm Hoenlein, Alon Pinkas, Dr. Yehuda Lancry, Yossi Livne, Ron Lauder, Leon Levy and Lillian Shalom.

Rami Kleinman is one of the dedicated emissaries of the Jewish national Fund (J.N.F.) in Canada. Recently, I had to call him: The cruel Palestinian terrorists attacked his home town, Biniamina. Two Israelis were killed, many have been wounded. Israeli heroes have to live with this unprecedented reality. They target children and women. They are waging psychological warfare against the Israeli society.

"I called my mother who told be about their attack. You must understand that Biniamina, with 6000 residents, is a quiet place. Nature is the king here. We grew up in a pastoral environment. We are on their map... It is a beautiful landscape. Nearby you can see the remains of an ancient Roman Fortress, a tourist landmark. Historically, the region linked to the wine industry which was established by the famous builder, Baron Benjamin Rothschild (Biniamina was named after him)," Kleinman told me.

Many Israeli celebrities such as Ehud Olmert or Shlomi Gravitz or Ehud Manor were born there. Kleinman also suggested that the terrorists had a target: The 'Youth Maccabia' which took place in July in Zichron Jacob. As we know they tried to attack the Maccabia games in Jerusalem. Terror means to develop panic and fear, to complicate the daily lives of the Israeli society, to scare tourism, to scare economic involvement in Israel: "You have to see that it is very hard in our region to develop our counter-terrorism measures since my town is located in an area that Arabs, Israelis are not used to coming and going. In Biniamina, we are used to Arabic daily traffic so how can you prevent the terrorist ones from coming to our neighborhood? It is an unusual burden on our security authorities." Kleinman explained to me the irony of the Israeli daily reality of Israeli-Arab co-existence.

Master musical saw players Natalia Paruz of Israel and Moses Josiah of Brooklyn performed at the Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival as part of 'Play Day!' - the exciting opening day event of the festival.

Natalia Paruz, declared master sawyer by Maestro Zubin Mehta - conductor of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, played works by Mozart, J.S. Bach and Satie, on a 31" long saw. Moses Josiah played folk and pop tunes on a 28" long saw. Natalia, aka 'sawlady' also exhibited some of her prize winning popular folk art - hand-painted handsaws. FREE For more information about the musical saw off: go to of call (718) ART_SPACe (278-7722).

According to 'Hauma' and its editor, Yossi Ahimeir, more than 40 events took place in Israel, all celebrating 120 years of the birth of Zeev Jabotinsky (1880) and 60 years to his death (1940) in the U.S. Thousands of guests participated in these events. It was the 'Year of Jabotinsky' in Israel.

The events which were sponsored by the President of Israel were organized by the 'Jabotinsky Institute' in Tel Aviv and the 'National Public Council for Jabotinsky Year'.

Jabotinsky was among the 'founding fathers' of the Zionist movement, the father of the revisionist movement and Beitar, as well.

Age of feminism in Israel: two female pilots joined the great Israeli Air Force. One was born in Hungary, the other is the grandchild of Tzvia Lobotkin and Antek Zuberman, heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto Revolt of April, 1943. Both survived, married, and became members of the Kibbutz 'Lochami Hageta Ot' (fighters of the ghettos).

Many celebrities participated in the ceremony: President Moshe Katsav, Gen. Shaul Mofaz, Defense Minister 'Fuad' Ben-Eliezer, and the legendary Air Force founding father, ex-president of Israel, Eizer Weizman, who still believes that the Air Force should not recruit female pilots. These two females (the military, as usual, censored their names for security) are not really the pioneers. There were female pilots in combat missions in 1948. One of them was Zohara Levtov. She was killed in a mission. Women in 1947-1948 were integrated into all the military activities as the men. But later, Israel decided to push women away from the combat zones.

Did you know that the 'Rozenbergs' were honored by... Fidel Castro!? Some members of the distinguished Riverdale Chorus Society were surprised to find, in their last visit to Havana, Cuba, a monument (Red Bricks with Doves - Picasso's Peace Dove) dedicated to the memory of Ethel and Yulius Rosenberg.

Yulius Rosenberg spied for soviet Russia and was executed in the climax era of the 'Cold War.' But Ethel Rosenberg's story was different. Many believe that she did not deserve to die like her husband. The couple left two sons who were adopted by the Meerpol family.

In the American left, many believed that the Rosenbergs were also victims of anti-Semitism or Edgar Hoover's prejudice.

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