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Sara Duker, 22, from Teaneck, New Jersey, was murdered with her boyfriend Matthew Eisenfeld on Bus No. 18 Sunday, February 25, 1996, in Jerusalem. The two were riding the bus together when a Hamas terrorist murdered them and others. The two young lovers who devoted their lives to the revival of Jewish culture and values--the two who were so committed to Zionism and the survival of Israel--were buried next to each other in a cemetery in Connecticut. Sara Duker will be remembered as the pride of the American Jewish community and as the epitome of the eternal bond between Jews in America and in Israel.

In her beloved memory, The Jewish Post is proud to publish her essay, a reaction to the concept of Israel and Judaism as was discussed by Abraham Joshua Heschel in his book: "Israel: An Echo of Eternity". The essay received the grand prize of an essay contest held one year ago, which was sponsored by Israel Aliyah Programs Center and the University Student Department- AZYF, Manhattan.

In her essay, we can get a glimpse into some of the concerns of Sara Duker, an intelligent and eloquent young woman who had deep feelings for Israel and Judaism.

Sarah Duker's Essay

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