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Protocols of the Elders of Zion

By Gad Nahshon

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Bible of the Anti-Semites, brainwashed the minds of the masses in many countries. "It was the background and the linkage of the Holocaust," remarked the famous distinguished lawyer, judge, and justice of the Israeli Supreme Court, Hadassah Ben-Itto. She dedicated her public life to defend the Jews and Israel against their enemies. She fought everywhere and in the UN for the image of Israel as a liberal-democratic state.

One day, she decided to resign from the court and the world of law and dedicated six years to research the subject of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. She exposed, as a new analytical historian, the big lie and fraud about this book, which was published in Russia in 1905. For at least 100 years, it was on the bestseller list of anti-Semites in many countries. It was published in many editions, often with different titles, expressing the international-global Jewish danger. The 'Protocols', also, was quoted many times in anti-Semitic publications.

Hadassa Ben-Itto contributed a unique book entitled The Lie That Wouldn't Die (Israel, Dvir Publishing House, 1998). This book, based on her great research, was translated into nine languages. I believe that the reader will feel that he is reading a book of history, which was written like a detective story! Of course, Ben-Itto used her experience to describe and cover the major trials in several countries in which Jews and their lawyers and friends tried to show that the 'Protocols ' are a big anti-Jewish lie, which caused pogroms and massacres of Jews and the Holocaust.

This reality still exists today among modern anti-Semites such as Hamas. The conclusion is that the 'Protocols', which targeted the Jewish danger, has replaced them with the notion that the Zionists were the danger. The anti-Semites used the First Zionist Congress, in Bazel in 1897, as the Jewish danger. They used to say that there was a council of 300 elders who, secretly, planned the occupation of the world, establishing an international Jewish kingdom with a king: David.

So, does that mean that the next victim of the 'Protocols' will be Israel itself? Many anti-Semites already consider Israel a Jewish-Zionist state with branches all over the world desirous of occupying the Middle-East, then the Muslim world, and so on�

Ben-Itto, in her book on which this article is based, believes that the lie wouldn't die! She does not like the silence and feels we should fight against this lie. In this country, the 'Protocols', used and promoted by Henry Ford (1921-71), later changed his mind, but his books were sold all the time. Hitler was a big Ford fan. In the 1930's, anti-Semitism flourished in the USA with Nazi swastikas everywhere (until Dec. 8th, 1941).

But the lie never dies in the USA. The Nation of Islam also sold the 'Protocols'. The Arabs and the Muslims still use and believe in the 'Protocols'. Many leaders in Arab countries were pro-Nazi. Anti-Semitism exists today in the Middle East. One example is the Egyptian media. In 1951, the 'Protocols' was popular in this country. Also, blood libels. Hamas uses it. It is being published in countries like Italy.

The idea behind using the 'Protocols' is always the following: how can you justify the murder of Jews? Because the Jews secretly developed their conspiracy to destroy, step by step, the entire world and establish a global Jewish government, a Jewish global dictatorship. The Jews achieved their goal by all means and methods without morality. The gentiles are like wild animals, sub-human. Jews hate law and justice. They will use violence. The 'Protocols' was always used to blame the Jews for every crisis and every national disaster. Jews were classical scapegoats. Often, anti-Semites would say that a leader they did not like was a Jew. Even converted Jews would be blamed.

Anti-Semites always used the lie and fraud claiming the 'Protocols' as proof of a Jewish conspiracy. The 'conspiracy' was, first of all, to destroy and eliminate Christianity and the churches. The Jews were depicted as 'Satan', the anti-Christ, the demons. The Nazis increased the power of the 'Protocols'. Hitler, in 1925, used it in his Mein Kampf.

Ben-Itto exposed, in her book, the roots and origins of the 'Protocols'. She discussed the trials in which the publishers and others were accused in publishing the lies. She discussed the famous trial in Bern, Switzerland (1933-1935). It was a very hard job because the legal system was complicated. The process was long and the accusers appealed. The verdicts did not solve the problems.

But there was another problem since the media covered the trial, the defense, and its so-called experts used the trial as a stage for their anti-Semitic propaganda! For example, in Bern, Fleischhawer, the Nazi Germany head of 'Weltdiensnst' or the Nazi headquarters for pushing Nazi's anti-Semitism all over the world, used this stage and was happy. He spoke to the media not to the judge. There was a trial in South Africa in which the pro-Nazi movement declared that the 'Protocols' was found in a synagogue.

The Rabbi Abraham Levy had to defend the Jewish religion showing the 'Protocols' as a great lie. Levy demonstrated the fact that Jews could not have used the terms in the 'Protocols'. In short, it was not written by Jews!

It was clear that the 'Protocols', argued Ben-Itto, targeted the feelings and not the minds of the masses. They wanted to believe that Jews were Satan and should be killed. Jews were described as the scum of the earth. They were even described as rapists! In modern Egypt, there was a story that Jews seduced women by giving them special chewing gum, which helped the Jews to rape them!

Ben-Itto enriches the reader with her detailed research of the origin and history of these 'Protocols'. It was published in 1905, in Russia, by a crazed lunatic priest names Sergei Nilus. Ben-Itto also provided us with the main issues of the 24 chapters of the 'Protocols'.

But let's go to history. The 'Protocols' was written in Paris. It was produced by the craziest secret police, "Uharna" in Russian. The chief of this police, in Paris, was Rachovsky. His duty was to spy or kill the enemies of the Czar. He became a friend of the French elite. He did not love Jews but the era, 1881-1918, was the era of pogroms. It damaged the image of Russia in the eyes of the French. The Czar's policy was to have a pact with France. So Rachovsky decided, together with his aides, to produce the 'Protocols'.

The idea to produce this fraud and lie came from the French writer, Morris July, who wrote about the French President Napoleon the Third. The book was used as a basis for the 'Protocols'. Later, the anti-Semites said that July was a Jew.

The 'Protocols' was sent to Moscow. It was given, by the secret police, to Sergai Nilus who had ties to Alexandra, the wife of Nikolai the Second. Nilus was a second Rasputin who, ironically, defended Jews! Nilus published the 'Protocols' in 1905. He said that his was a defense against the anti-Christ. He spoke about preventing the Jewish danger.

Many more editions were published in Europe. Many Russians knew that it was a lie. The Russian church refused to use it. The Czar refused to use it. But others said, whether it was a lie or a truth was not important if it could be used against the Jews! Millions would believe that it was the truth.

The essence of these 'Protocols' is:

  1. It looks like one person dictated the material of these 24 chapters;
  2. Jews have to develop revolutions, push for anarchy, and use liberalism only to destroy autocrats, and kingdoms;
  3. victory comes from controlling the capital, the financial markets. It's being controlled by the Jews;
  4. manipulation to destroy officials;
  5. manipulations to destroy the media;
  6. destroying religions;
  7. achieving goals by any means: violence, bribery, and manipulation;
  8. developing of economic crisis;
  9. destroying stability and using anarchy, a method of confusing the masses;
  10. establishing of a secret Jewish government;
  11. ruling by power and not by morality;
  12. God told the Jews to settle in many places and countries to help them to use, successfully, the Jewish conspiracy and effectively occupy the entire world as their slaves;
  13. to eliminate the power of the masses by destroying their ability to use their minds;
  14. one President would be the totalitarian ruler. He will control the Parliament. He will control the media;
  15. books produced would be very boring so the people would not read them;
  16. the rulers would be perfect and from King David's dynasty;
  17. the Gentiles are animals, beasts, and sub-humans.

These are, generally, the essence of this fraud and lie. Anyone that read the 'Protocols' would notice that the writers did not study Jewish religion history, or the Talmud. The 'Protocols' are stupid garbage, but Ben-Itto concluded that this lie did not die. In her second book, Pink Pearls From Shanghai (Kineret or Yehuda, 2008), she wrote that her first book was almost the basis for a documentary.

Do Jews have to be pessimistic or optimistic as to their hate of Jewish people? Imber, who wrote Hatikvah, remarked, in the same song, which isn't sung, that even the last Jew on earth will have hope, a Tikvah. One wonders if even then, Jews would have to confront the lie that wouldn't die!

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