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By Gabriella Yannotti

Today I went to the United Nations for Holocaust Remembrance Day. Even though I was aware of most of the horrific events that took place during that time period, I was still shocked at some of the tragedies that occurred.

Listening to the many speakers and their heart-felt words left me with many emotions. Their speeches left vivid pictures in my mind of ghettos, death, and depression. But listening to the survivors of the Holocaust speak left me with a different emotion entirely; ecstasy. I knew that the Jews will-power was still strong. They survived the clutches of the Nazi’s and not only did they escape, they thrived. They started over and began new lives. The Jews proved to all of the Nazi’s that they wouldn’t go down without a good fight.

On this day, I not only gained knowledge, but I gained an immense amount of respect for the Holocaust survivors. I realized how hard it must be for them to talk, or even think, of their horrific experiences, yet they encourage others not to forget what happened. Each Jew during that period is a hero, whether they survived or sadly perished. Because everyone is reminded of the Holocaust on Holocaust Remembrance Day, it is less likely to happen once more. The Holocaust taught us that everyone is an equal to everyone else. It taught us just how bad discrimination and dehumanization can truly be. It’s been said that people learn from their mistakes, and the Holocaust was one of the largest mistakes ever made on this earth.

In conclusion, the Holocaust was a horrible time period, which we can, and have, all learned from. It’s the time that left an unmistakable dent in the hearts of many, a dent that can never be made well ever again. So remember the Holocaust because of all that it has taught us. Remember it because of the strength of Jews that kept them alive to this day. And remember for those who aren’t on this earth to remember anymore.

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