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Thanksgiving - A Time to Give Thanks


Let's be thankful for what we have got, not ungrateful for what we have not.

We knew we would have a new President, that about 50% of the voters would not have chosen and about 50% were happy to accept.

Eight years ago there were happy and unhappy campers as well. As Americans, who love our country, most got past their reservations and celebrated our first Black-American President, basically a community organizer with no experience.

It was a milestone, to say the least and a great accomplishment for a free democratic people.

Now we have our first non-politician, non-military President, basically a builder and real estate tycoon with no experience. It was another milestone, where the common man said �NO� to the two established parties, which is something new for the people to embrace and be proud of.

Let us therefore be thankful for:

A President who is able to define world-wide terrorists as radical Islamists who have hijacked their religion.

A President who wants to kill these terrorists before they kill us and innocent people everywhere.

A President who will rebuild our armed forces, let their commanders win military conflicts, and who will stand behind our servicemen and servicewomen.

A President who will secure our borders and stop ILLEGAL immigrants and potential terrorists from infiltrating our nation and draining resources meant for and paid for by our own citizens.

A President who will focus on keeping and bringing jobs back to America and who actually has experience creating thousands of jobs.

A President who will make it enticing for global companies to bring their cash and assets back from overseas to help stimulate our economy.

A President who will lower corporate and personal tax rates so taxpayers will keep more of their income and businesses will find this a friendlier place to do business, grow and prosper.

A President who will remove burdensome restrictions harmful to America becoming an energy independent nation, that will lessen our dependence on oil from the Middle East and unfriendly countries, and drive down costs for our citizens.

A President who will reevaluate other restrictive decrees that are killing our small businesses and hindering their success.

A President who will revise or repeal Obamacare, with its out of control policy increases, lower health care costs, provide greater choice of plans and remove outrageous fines on those that choose not to participate.

A President who will restore respect for our country from all nations, from our sworn enemies and from our own citizens.

A President who will draw a red line or give an ultimatum, mean it and back it up.

A President who will appoint judges to our courts who promise to follow our Constitution and not European law or popular consensus.

A President who will champion our veterans and provide them the services due them in a timely manner.

A President who will appreciate and back up those in law enforcement who are charged with keeping us safe.

A President who will see things in terms of right and wrong, not black or white, rich or poor, religious or atheist, straight or gay.

A President who will make certain that the Prime Minister of Israel will be welcome through the front door of the White House and not the back door.

A President who will put America first.

And for those Americans who are not comforted by the �Thankful List� above, fear not, for you can always be thankful for a robust and extensive industry of psychiatrists, psychologists, anger management specialists and suicide prevention hotlines.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's great to be an American!

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