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Revealing Israel's Nuclear Secrets

On the day it was announced that parameters have been reached on a nuclear deal with Iran, Pres. of the London Center for Policy Research, Herb London, authors a column at The Hill critical of the Obama administration's declassification of a document detailing Israel's nuclear program.

London states, "By publishing the declassified document that specifies Israel's nuclear capabilities, the US breached a silent, but well understood, agreement. Moreover, the document the Pentagon declassified redacted sections on Italy, France, West Germany and other NATO nations. The report also notes the existence of research laboratories in Israel which 'are the equivalent of our National Laboratories.'"

He adds that the administration appears to be making an argument of moral equivalency between the Israeli and Iranian nuclear programs. "Although there isn't any equivalence between Israel and Iran, this position has gained traction among Obama doctrine adherents; one because it suits US negotiating strategy, and two, because it punishes Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, for his recalcitrance on the Palestinian question. Yet, remarkably, this moral equivalence argument has received little attention in the press."

He concludes, "The declassification of Israeli nuclear secrets is hardly surprising. But for those who support Israel, this Pentagon act is vindictive and dangerous."

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