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"Palestine" is a Fake

By Kanan Abramson

The Wailing Wall in Old Jerusalem on 'Jerusalem Day' in June, 2011. Tens of thousands of Israeli youth celebrated the day in the Capital to commemorate its liberation during the Six Day War in June of 1967. Photo: Kanan Abramson

The Wailing Wall in Old Jerusalem on 'Jerusalem Day' in June, 2011. Tens of thousands of Israeli youth celebrated the day in the Capital to commemorate its liberation during the Six Day War in June of 1967. Photo: Kanan Abramson

The President of the Arab "Palestinian" Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, a member of the Fatah terror movement which launched endless terror attacks against Israel in over six decades, spoke at the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York City, demanding a recognition of an independent "Palestinian" statehood. One of the most outstanding responses to him was a statement delivered by Rabbis Marvin Hier, Founder and Dean of The Simon Wiesenthal Center in California, and Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean of the leading Jewish Human Rights NGO. Their statement was as followed:

"On the day he submitted demands for Palestinian Statehood, Abbas' words have driven hope for peace right off the Mideast roadmap. his speech provides all the evidence as to why there is no peace. His distorted view of history of the Holy Land, speaks of �the ascension of the Prophet Mohammad and the birthplace of Jesus Christ�, but has no room for Jewish prophets like Isaiah or Jeremiah or King David or King Solomon", charged Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper, Founder and dean and associate dean of the leading Jewish Human Rights NGO. And when Abbas uses the podium of the UN to charge that Arabs have been under occupation for 63 years, he lays bare before the entire world that the core issue for the Palestinians isn't Israeli settlements established as a result of the 1967 Six Day War, but the very legitimacy of Israel from the day of its founding in 1948. Simply put, his view of reality has no room for a Jewish state. Unless and until Arab leaders finally tell their people that they recognize the legitimacy of a Jewish State as neighbor to the 23 Arab countries there will be no peace", Rabbis Hier and Cooper concluded.

This is only one aspect of the conflict. It is very crucial to add many other aspects to the Israeli-Arab conflict. So to begin with, there�s the basic question: Who are the "Palestinians"?

It is a must to declare up-front that historically, the "Palestinians" are not - and never were - a people. They are a mixture of Arabs from all Israel�s neighboring Arab countries, who were brought at the end of the 19th century as hard labor by the Turks, who ruled then the Middle East, in order to trim the woods of Palestine, the Jewish homeland, for the purpose of using the trees as coal for the Turkish war trains in their war against the Brits which, eventually, they�ve lost. The British government, who eyed the Arab oil, initiated in 1918 an Arab Palestinian entity in order to jeopardize Zionism and to gain Arab sympathy. By this step they challenge the 1917�s Balfour (then Britain�s Foreign Minister) Declaration which recognized Palestine as the Jewish homeland. It's all documented by the British Foreign Office.

The Arab countries, via the Arab League, who consider themselves as one big nation - "Umat el Arbiyeh" in Arabic - have all of a sudden created a new satellite nation to their big alliance in the shape of a newly born people out of nowhere - the "Palestinians".

Following the UN resolution of November 29th, 1947 to divide Western Palestine (west of the Jordan river) between Arabs and Jews, which the local Arabs have rejected and immediately after opened a violent war against the Jews of Palestine, which is titled as Israel�s Independence War, in which over 10,000 Jews have been killed and tens of thousands were injured.

In the midst of the violent attacks on the Jews, Israel, under Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, managed to reorganize and establish the Israel Defense Forces, today�s one of the strongest armies in the world. The next step was the establishment of The State of Israel on Friday, May 14th, 1948. The next day, Saturday, May 15th, huge and well equipped Arab armies - Egyptian, Syrian, Jordanian and Iraqi - invaded Israel with heavy armors and artilleries and attacked the Jewsih newly born state from all sides. The neighboring Arab governments called - over the radio and through flyers spread by airplanes - all the Arabs of Palestine to leave their homes for a couple of days until the Jews are thrown into the Mediterranean, then they would return and take over all the to be vacant Jewish properties. Hundreds of thousands of Arabs obeyed the calls and, in spite of Israel�s call to them to stay and live with the Jews in dignity, left for Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Gaza strip, where they were denied citizenship and became the eternal "refugees" myth, even though they left willingly.

During the war, the huge Arab armies failed to throw the Jews into the Mediterranean. All the Arab states in the Middle East gathered and initiated a bitter moral campaign against Israel, using the Arabs who left their homes as so called "refugees", trying to turn the world against Israel for a human cause. The Jews, who for 1900 years were victims to all kinds of persecution, shook up and turned overnight into the best fighters in the world, leaving the Arabs losers and failures. In mid 1949, with the involvement of two UN mediators, Israel and its neighboring armies signed cease-fire agreements, setting the later known as the 1967 cease-fire lines between Israel and its neighboring Arab countries, set to mark where the armies stopped fighting for that cease-fire. Those lines have never been any kind of borders!

The agreements left Jordan occupying the then West Bank. No other agreement has been signed with Israel concerning the West Bank territory before the war of June of 1967. Both states have never changed the status of those cease-fire lines into permanent borders, nor did Jordan show any good will toward the Arabs living in that territory and hand over to them an independent state.

Now about Jerusalem which those Arabs calling themselves "Palestinians" claim as their holy capital. Jerusalem was never mentioned in the Kuran, nor was it ever any capital of the non-existing Arab-Palestinian state.

The moment Jordan joined Egypt and Syria in their threats to attack Israel in 1967, and after Israel launched a pre-attack and won the Six Day War, Jordan lost its control over the West Bank to Israel. The Arabs who live west of the Jordan river were never the owners of the Jewish homeland, yet were welcomed by Israel as guests and given tremendous rights and assistance, in spite of ongoing terror attacks on Jews which left thousands of innocent victims. Their claims for a statehood and ownership of this area are based on ongoing lies and false propaganda and their claims that Jerusalem is their holy capital is an outrageous lie. Each and every stone in the areas of Jerusalem and the West Bank have the fingerprints and footsteps of the Jews who have lived there for thousands of years until the Romans have expelled and spread them throughout the world.

Looking back at civilization history, no country was forced to hand back to aggressors and to its attackers its liberated homeland. Thus, Israel has the full historic and legal right to reoccupy its ancient homeland and no aggressor has the right to claim it. By the way, the historic name of the land is "Eretz Israel" - "The Land of Israel". The name Palestine was given to the land by the Romans after they've destroyed Jerusalem and the Holy Temple, in order to wipe out the names Israel and Judea from world awareness and history, so it would become forgotten with the time being. It was named after a tribe called Philistines, who lived thousands of years ago in ancient Ashquelon, north of Gaza. The Philistines had nothing to do with - and never were - today�s Arabs.

While the Arabs were unable to overcome the strength of Israel on the battle fields, in order to achieve their destructive anti-Israel goals, they turned their anti-Israel campaign into intensive, false propaganda and outrageous tons of lies.

The only solution to the Arabs who live west of the Jordan river and want an independent state is as follows: (background) When the British fought the Turks in the beginning of the 20th century, a Beduin tribe - the Hashemites, headed by Sheriff Hussein, the great-great-grandfather of today's King Abdullah - lost a war in the Arab Peninsula against the Saudi dynasty and fled north, to Palestine. They joined the British army in its war against the Turks who then ruled the Middle East. The Turks were defeated. As a result, the Brits have split the historic Palestine into two pieces - the area west of the Jordan river, now Israel, and the area east to the Jordan river, then named Trans-Jordan.

The Brits handed the eastern portion, meaning about 65% of Palestine, which became later a state by the name Jordan, to the Hashemite tribe from the Arab Peninsula. The smaller portion, between the Mediterranean and the Jordan river, was left for both Jews and Arabs who lived there. This 35% portion of Palestine is now under the threat of being cut once again into two pieces, in order to establish a third state within the historic Palestine. For the Arabs, creating that third state within Palestine will mean achieving the take-over of another major piece of historic Palestine toward their dream of taking over the entire Jewish homeland.

During the 20th century, many people were removed between countries worldwide due to agreements of peace which included Exchange of Populations. After Israel�s War of Independence, Israel absorbed nearly two million Jews, part of them holocaust survivors and others who were deported from all Arab countries in the Middle East. Before they were deported, those Jews were striped of all their assets which were confiscated by the local Arab governments. Israel, with the assistance of Jewish communities in the western world, managed to absorb all of those Jewish refugees and create for them new, dignified lives.

The fairest solution to all is to return first of all the confiscated assets to the Jewish refugees from Arab countries who were striped of them. The next step must be declaring Jordan as the Palestinian-Arab state, as about 85% of its current residents are Arabs from the area west of the Jordan river. Unfortunately for the current Hashemite king, Abdullah, he doesn't belong to Palestine and his artificial "kingdom" should be given to the "Palestinians" to become their state with the help of their Umat-el-Arbiyeh (The Big Arab Nation) who initiated the wars against Israel and lost them, thus solving the "Palestinian" problem.

Next must be stripping the local Arab terror organizations, like the Hamas, the Hisbullah, the Jihad and others of their massive weapons, sealing the channels through which arms are smuggled into Arab areas and "refugee camps". Otherwise, Israel will continue hammering those terror organizations and impose blockades, closures and sanctions against the "Palestinian" and their economy.

The Palestinian problem cannot be forced on Israel for solution. Israel cannot be liable for those problems which were created for over a century solely by the Arabs. It should not be forced to surrender its homeland just because others desire it for themselves as the first step toward throwing the Jews into the Mediterranean and turn the Middle East into Jewish-free.

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