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When Good People Say Nothing
And Bad ones Say Too Much

When the two American soldiers were abducted in Iraq [a third was murdered in this attack as well] and later found brutalized beyond recognition and hacked to death in the most barbaric way, most of us were deeply saddened, shocked and immensely sorry for their family and friends. Loss of life in war is expected. Being killed in this manner is not.

During the past years every action of the U. S. military has been examined under a microscope in order to make every minor infraction into an act of abuse and every more serious infraction into the reincarnation of Nazism at its worst. Among those trying to dehumanize our soldiers are the leading voices in the Democratic Party, every Peace Now, Amnesty International and supposed impartial wartime observer. They have lambasted every attempt of our country to obtain information from terror suspects, Al Qaeda sympathizer and radical Islamists. Sleep depravation techniques, shaming the suspects, trying to break their spirit with barking and snarling dogs – all these tactics and more have been decried as the most cruel and inhumane treatment.

When these two young American soldiers were tortured, dismembered, burned and had their remains booby trapped with explosives the outrage of those so easily outraged when the U. S. Government was the “perpetrator” was almost nonexistent. The calls for moral indignation, ostracism and denunciation should have been so loud and so continuous as to boggle the mind. Well our minds were boggled all right by the silence and apathy because the United States was the victim and not the perpetrator.

The “crimes” are therefore not the issue at all. The only issue is how to bring down America … how to attack President George Bush … how to make this a political way for democrats to defeat republicans. Where is the resolve of these people and groups to defeat terrorists? It simply does not exist!
The reputation of our county has been dragged through the mud due to incessant portrayals by the mainstream media. There was no effort to portray our efforts to help get Iraq back on its feet. Hundreds of educational, health and infrastructure rebuilding projects were ignored while every bomb attack or suicide killing explosion was reported ad nauseum each and every day. If a PR firm were to be hired by the terrorists to infiltrate the minds of the American public then no better job could have done than what is being done daily by the mass media. There is an old adage in the publishing business that a guaranteed method to increase readership is to focus on blood, money or sex. Even the lofty New York Times is no different than the lowliest tabloid in the land since not a day goes by without front page stories of death in Iraq.

The one thing that does set the New York Times apart from the thousands of other American newspapers is its total lack of conscience, unmitigated arrogance and no restraint in reporting the deepest secrets our government uses to protect the American people from terrorists. If the Times were a person it would be labeled a traitor, thrown in jail and brought up on charges of treason. This is what should be the fate of their publisher and editor for they endanger us all while pretending to be smarter than the elected leaders of our country.

The detailing of international intercepts of phone calls between Al Qaeda suspects and sympathizers in this county to the detailed method of how our country follows the money trail to thwart future terror attacks is sick, outrageous and potentially deadly. Our enemies don’t need a spy network when the have the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal and those that put personal profit and misguided judgement ahead of the common good doing their job for them.

It is truly amazing how many people and companies in power have forgotten the message of 911. We have real enemies in the world that want to kill our people and destroy our way of life. They will not stop in their efforts to perpetrate more 911’s and kill more innocent Americans and other freedom loving people on the globe. Do we really need more attacks to understand we really are in a war for our lives and freedom? We are much smarter than that. It’s time we acted that way.

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