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Every year the Jewish Post highlights the issue of multi cultural, multi racial and multi religious relations. Our goal is to focus on positive ways in which Jewish people relate to Christians, Muslims, African Americans and other groups. While we believe that more news reporting on positive aspects of such relationships encourages better relations, we do not want to be blinded to factors that can destroy those relations. History has taught us all that failing to confront dangerous and destructive situations can be deadly. Keeping silent can be explosively dangerous. Being indecisive can cause a tsunami of grief. With that in mind, we present, as ecumenically correct as possible, what we feel must be said, and said now.

Too many young Muslims are being brainwashed into hating Americans, hating Israelis and hating Jews. Not just hating Americans, Israelis and Jews but wanting them to be dead. And not just wanting Americans, Israelis and Jews to be dead but being told how to be the heroes who would kill them, even to the point of using their own bodies as the bomb shell that will blow Americans, Israelis and Jews away.

The textbooks used to “teach” this must be eliminated. The imams who proselytize this vile philosophy must be exposed and silenced. The madrasahs that allow this to be taught should be forced to change their curriculum.

Who should shine the harsh spotlight of outrage against these sickening and hateful atrocities? In an act of ecumenical cooperation it should be every Muslim imam, leader, teacher, politician, businessman, sheik and dictator. It should be every leader of every faith including Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Shintoist, or believer in the Big Bang Theory. It should be persons of influence in America , Africa , Europe and Asia …. every country, every Non Governmental Organization and every member of the United Nations. Each and every one of the aforementioned must demand an end to bringing up new generations of people who revel in murdering “infidels” and Jews!

In our mind, any talk of brotherhood is bogus until all religious leaders [who are not committed to killing those with whom they disagree] make sure this culture of  hatred  is stopped.

All of us know that if our children are taught to hate and kill, and if the parents, adults, teachers, religious and secular leaders do nothing to stop it, none of us will ever live in peace because we will never learn to respect each other, we will never evolve past our base instincts and move towards our godlike potential.

The destructive propaganda flooding the minds of the world’s Muslims must first be brought into sharp focus and then ended before talk of peace processes and roadmaps and land for peace and compromises and agreements or any other feel good resolutions are dangled before the world, as if they had any meaning or a chance to succeed. Muslim children of all ages must be freed from the poisonous brainwashing of their religious leaders and no one, not Americans, not Israelis, not Jews, no one should be targeted for extinction.

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