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A Strategy to Win the Peace

One of America’s great philosophers, Yogi Berra, has been often quoted saying, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” Well, it sure feels like that when every couple of years some portion of the Palestinian leadership, that goes unchallenged, reigns rockets over Israel. Isn’t it time to come up with a strategy not just to “win” the temporary war but to actually move towards “winning” the eventual peace?

Let’s not figure out whom to blame, which achieves very little. Since Jews rank high in the intellect department, have been able to solve many riddles in the world of science, medicine and technology, how about putting that brain power to good use in getting us out of this mess we find ourselves in? Here are some things to think about that those of us in America can have a positive influence in achieving.

Set our agenda at the United Nations. Why should we allow the United Nations to single out Israel as the bad guy with resolution after resolution being passed exclusively blaming them every time they react to protect their people? We shouldn’t! We must form an effective lobby in this country made up of influential Jewish people and groups, Christians who support Israel, friendly leaders of other religious and ethnic groups, foundations and think tanks to influence America’s voice in the United Nations. Every day a rocket is fired into Israel, the United States, Israel and any other county willing to do so should present a resolution at the UN condemning those who fired it as criminals.

Like a squeaky wheel, like a drop of water on a stone, this strategy should be enacted as a response to terrorism to make the record undeniably accurate and truthful. It doesn’t matter if it is only two votes standing up for Israel’s right to defend itself each and every time but that the world hears the truth each and every time. In addition, whenever Israel is accused of some dreadful act, if a similar act is occurring involving any other country in the world, that must be tied to any UN resolution. It’s time to say “no” to a double standard where Israel is isolated for excoriation.

Build this coalition at home. There must be a priority placed on developing the pro-peace lobby I mentioned above. And by pro-peace I do not mean the political “left” or “right”.  I mean gearing up a strategy that presents an alternative to the “you hit me and I’ll hit you back and we will both play the victim” scenario. This can at the very least present a united front in convincing the decision makers in the White House and Congress to use America’s strong voice at the United Nations so Israel is never isolated without a loud and clear response. Jewish organizations in America and the State of Israel should fund such an effort and find the best qualified people to spearhead it. How about people such as Michael Bloomberg, Elie Weisel, Steven Speilberg, former Congressmen and Senators and Ambassadors and White House officials, Cabinet Secretaries and military leaders?

You must be nuts if you are expecting ideas number 3, 4 and 5. Honestly folks, let’s start small (not that the first two suggestions would be minor achievements). There is no easy way to move forward on a problem that has stymied every Prime Minister of Israel, President of the United States, Secretary General of the United Nations, and leader of the Palestinian people since 1948. Let us at least try with something that brings sanity to the process and can help us all deal with the situation honestly. When Israel and Palestine can reduce the focus on real war and the PR war, perhaps they can start focusing on real peace.

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