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Fairway Kosher

Moshe Morrison, Fairway�s Director of Kosher Foods.

Moshe Morrison, Fairway�s Director of Kosher Foods.

For kosher foodies, Fairway is a revelation. The iconic New York grocery store and specialty food market is proud to be home to a wonderful, inimitable kosher selection.

From fresh baked breads and pastries to cheeses and dairy to fragrant coffee ground on premises, Fairway's extensive array of kosher products mean you can find everything you're looking for, and discover new delicious finds while you're at it.

Quantity is great, but Fairway is even more proud of the sky-high quality of their kosher goods. They don't just offer OU kosher meat, fish, and smoked salmon-it's the very best meat, fish, and smoked salmon that there is. They don't just carry kosher cheese; they offer an exquisitely curated collection of cheese from around the world: Italian Romano, New York state cheddar, Israeli feta, French chevre, and so much more.

Fairway's Director of Kosher Foods, Moshe Morrison, wants to exceed your expectations, and he knows how to do it. He grew up in the food biz. His mother was a chef and his father worked in hashgacha, supervising kosher foods. Morrison owned and ran kosher restaurants, and worked in merchandising for a kosher distributor before joining the Fairway family in 2010. He's constantly setting higher standards for Fairway Kosher-and meeting them.

Morrison is especially proud of the Fairway label kosher goods. Fairway puts their name only on products they can get behind. And they're 100% behind their kosher certified dried fruits and nuts, chocolates, farm fresh milk, peerless Spanish olive oil, and much more. That's because they've gone through great lengths and traversed the world to procure the ultimate in amazing products.

In a brilliant move, Fairway built a partnership with Murray's, the industry leader of free-roaming, hormone-free, humanely-raised and antibiotic-free chicken. Now you can find kosher poultry you can feel good about feeding your family. Murray's kosher chicken is certified OU Kosher by Kiryas Joel and exclusive to Fairway.

From poultry, to beef, to game and everything in between, Fairway's custom-cut Glatt Kosher Butcher Shop and Meat Room is under strict rabbinical supervision of Rabbi Avrohom Marmorstein, director of Mehadrin Kashrus, the widely respected community-based kosher supervision service based in Manhattan. All meat arrives fresh every day, 365 days a year. It is the meat Fairway butchers choose for their own families. They swear by it.

Every great meal deserves great bread. Fairway's bakery is strictly kosher. Their talented bakers craft stellar baguettes, bagels, pies, cookies, cakes�the list goes on! And don't forget the Challah, lovingly baked fresh all day, every day, in braids and rolls.

For the nights where you're too harried to cook, pick up a convenient, juicy kosher Murray's rotisserie chicken, and some quick, wonderful grab 'n go sides.

From organics to gluten-free finds, from premium smoked salmon to OU certified spices, from the day's catch to killer ginger orange couscous, Fairway's kosher department has it all. And more importantly, it's all impeccably fresh and of the ultimate quality.