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August/September '96

By: Gad Nahshon

Miki Gat, the new executive director of 'EL-AL' in North America has new challenges. His boss, Rafi Harlev resigned. It is not clear who will be the new transportation minister and the question is : will they privatize 'EL-AL'? Well, Gat was always a successful executive so there is nothing to worry about.

The Diva of the Israeli world of songs, Naomi Shemer, National Jewish Chorale Hazamin Nathan Lam, Richie Havens and the great musical conductor, Matthew Lazar were the main attraction of 'Songs to Jerusalem' a show which took place, recently, at Avery Fisher Hall. This successfully event was organized by a special committee of the American Zionist movement chaired by the famous Zionist leader Ruth Popkin. Shemer received a special award which was given to her by Arlene Duker the mother of Sara Duker who was murdered in Jerusalem on Bus #18 Feb 25, 1996 by the Hamas.

'Azuri Caffe' has become the Mecca for those Israeli's and Jews who are looking for fine Middle Eastern Cuisine. Located at 51st street and 10th avenue the place is being patronized by many celebrities and Daily News' admirers :"Here you will eat the best of the Middle-East dishes, and homemade food," said one of their patrons, Shabi Katzir a popular singer.

'Israel Bonds' wants to attract women to its circles and activities. Therefore they established a prestigious Women's division of Israel Bonds today headed by the respected Jewish ex-communal executive Debra Barish who was praised many times by the Boss, Gen (Res) Nati Sharoni.

Shimon Peres 'Achal Ota' (Hebrew for lost the battle). But before, on May 5, 1996 he sent a letter to national singer Ron Eliram praising Eliram's two songs lamenting the late Yitzhak Rabin. "I still can hear your sweet melody" Peres wrote as Prime Minster to Eliram.

Zev Brenner received the 'Journalism award' together with other winners such as Alan Lubin, David Stern, and Diane Steinman. They were honored by Charles J. Hynes in a Jewish Heritage Awards ceremony in Brooklyn.

Raji Gamzu of the Israeli consulate in New York City sponsored a special event with the famous Israeli Neta Puevermacher and dancers. She performed with her group a dance show: children of dream: the Kibbutz Experience reflected through dance." The event took place recently at the Bruno Walter Auditorium (Lincoln Center). Neta Pulvermacher was born in Kibbutz Lehavot Habasham and the dances such as 'Twister' are based on her childhood memories. the group was founded in 1986. Its works were praised by the critics time and time again.

Lord George Weidenfeld was elected June 2 as the new chairman of the Board of Governors of Ben-Gurion university of the Negev. Dr Aviskay Braverman president of Ben-Gurion university praised Lord Weidenfeld's contribution to the Israeli education and science institutions.

Emunah of America honored Malcolm Hoenlien the executive vice president of the Conference of Presidents with its prestigious, distinguished Jewish communal award in a ceremony which took place on June 10 at the N.Y.C Hilton Hotel.

Governor George E. Pataki (Public official Medalist) Mr. Walter Cronkite (Jounalist Medalist) Special Agent Edwin H. Petersen, FBI, senior investigator Daniel K. Brown, NYSP, (Law Enforcement Medalist) received these awards recently by the Respect for Law Alliance. The Alliance is a New York not for profit corporation whose president and chairman is the famous lawyer General (ret) Arthur Gerwin. Judge Harold Tompkins is the executive vice president, Hon Barbara G. Gerwin vice president of special events and Michele Gerwin M.D. vice president of student programs. The famous legal educational organization has an honorary advisory council with Hon. Joseph Bruno and Hon. Sheldon Silver as co-chairs. The ceremony took place at the Museum of Natural History with the participation of NYS chief justice Judith S. Kayne. Gen. (Ret) Arthur Gerwin served in the American Air Force and after retirement opened his own law office in Manhattan.

Issack Kousansky exhibits his unique work at the Mercer Studio 111 Mercer Street, Soho. The name of the exhibition is "Environmental From Blue Hole to Central Park" (To the end of June). Kousansky's works are based on his diving into the Blue Hole in the Sinai Peninsula. The Hole is one mile deep and approximately 350 yards wide, "Upon diving my experience was one of going back into the world of 2 million years ago", Kousansky pointed out.

Many orthodox Jews celebrated Yom Yerusalaym in a special dinner party which was organized by the Jerusalem Reclamation Project and took place in the Hilton Hotel. Among the hosts: Dr. Joseph Prage and Dov Hikind. And among the guests : Judge Jerome Hornblass, Alan Hevesi, Kenneth Bialkin, Rose Matus, and Bess Meyerson. Sandy Shimmili and Mordechai Ben -David two famous singers, performed.

A new Israeli-American singing duo was born in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, called Sholil and Shirona. Sholi Katzin, the leading singer was a famous singer in Israel. He is now planning his comeback and records Latino songs as well. Recently, together with Shirona, his female singer partner, he stole the show at the Jerusalem 3000 celebration which took place at the Israel Temple community center in, Cliffside Park.

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