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October's People

By: Gad Nashon

Fifteen hundred young Jewish males and females, ages 25 through 45, participated recently in The Young Leadership Division of U.J.A.-Federation's annual summer party aboard the USS Intrepid (Pier 86 at West 46th Street). The event was organized by David Finkelstein, Steven Kaye, Alissa Krasner and Janice Goldfarb. It was a beautiful party and an important Jewish reunion as well.

Professor Alan Dershowitz, Larry King (CNN), Herman Howard (Media Group/Dura- Lube) and Victor Markowicz (Gtech Corporation), travelled on El Al to Israel. In a ceremony at the Knesset they were presented with 'Jerusalem 3000 Awards' Mayor Ehud Olmert and by Bibi Netanyahu.

"My husband is dying by inches. The time to save Jonathan Pollard's life is now," cried out Pollard's new wife, Esther Pollard from Jerusalem in her latest press release. She rejected all kinds of new ideas concerning the release of her husband, a spy for Israel. President Clinton turned down Jonathan Pollard's request for commutation of his sentence.

The famous Habadnik Rabbi Bernard Lazar is again in the news. Russian anti-Semites attempted on August 23, 1996, to bomb his Marina Rotcha Synagogue in Moscow. No one was hurt, but the new building suffered at least $15,000 in damages. Originally, it was established in 1926 and heroically it functioned even during the Stalinistic era.

Jack Kemp defined Netanyahu as "the Jewish Ronald Reagan" during his appearance on Larry King's show (CNN). Kemp is also a good friend of Arik Sharon. For many years Kemp has been known as one of Israel's most zealous supporters in America and a student of the Old Testament. His idol was Nehemiah, the builder of Jerusalem and the second temple.

The 92nd Street Y on Lexington Avenue published its new guide for the winter of 1996. The famous center will provide many activities, including audience events, adult programs and programs for children. As in the past, many celebrities will perform or give lectures. Among them are Christopher A. Darden, Lesley Stahl, Jeff Greenfeld, Clint Eastwood, Andrew Young, Charlie Rose, Mario Cuomo, Nora Ephron, Harry Wu, Elie Wiesel, Chaim Herzog, Moshe Maoz and Rabbi Rolando Natalon.

Issachar Meron became famous because of his universally loved "Tzena, Tzena." He is a celebrity and an extraordinary composer and conductor. Recently the company Sisu'-Home Entertainment, released to the market "The Issachar Meron Collection" (on compact disc). We like "Sing To Me Eretz Israel," Meron's 'oldies' which are sung by Ron Eliran, a famous Israeli singer.

We live in the age of feminism. Rabbi Zahara Davidowitz-Farkas has been appointed Dean of the Hebrew Union College in New York. She is the first woman to serve as a Dean in this religious institution of the Reform movement in America. She will be responsible to lead, guide and teach the 21st century future rabbis, cantors and teachers.

The famous Rabbi Chaskel O. Besser was appointed by President Clinton as a member of the Federal Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad. Rabbi Besser is a lecturer and active in many organizations such as the Ron Lauder Foundation and Agudath Israel. He is also the president of the Jewish Nazi Victims' Organization.

"Desert Angels" is a new, unique exhibition of the works by the Israeli artist Doron Eshel. He was influenced by his stay in the Sinai Desert and his life in the Negev. The exhibition will run at B'nai Zion (136 E. 39th Street) until September 27.

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