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Prof. Uri Milstein

Every Prof. Uri Milstein, Israel's most distinguished military historian and a prolific writer, published, again, a new article, a new illumination as to the Israeli War of Independence in the 'Hauma' (No. 151) whose editor is Yossi Ahimeir. (Other contributors to this issue were: Dr. Yoram Beck, Zalman Shuval, Prof. Yehoshoa Porat, Reuven Kashani, Judge Uri Struzman, Menachem Sarid and Prof. Yehuda Lapidot.)

Dr. Milstein is an international expert of the Israeli War of Independence. His works were praised, for example, by Time Magazine. Americans can enjoy his research thanks to his translator from Hebrew to English, Alan Sacks. These volumes of research were published in 1998 and can be purchased from United Press of America (Lanham, Maryland), Volumes I to III entitled History of Israel's War of Inde-pendence.

Dr. Milstein published in Hauma his new research, Jerusalem in 1948: Why Didn't the Supply Reach the City? It should be noted that ac-cording to the official history, Jerusalem was under siege in 1948 (from April 20, 1948 to June 14, 1948). This official narrative explains why Jerusalem almost starved to death during this siege.

Dr. Uri Milstein, a non-conformist, a historian who de-mystifies our history, a courageous historian argued in this article that the siege has nothing to do with the omission. He explained that the blame should be pointed to the failure of those who could not accomplish the mission. The commander of the cars had to go back to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem. But they did not. Those cars and tracks had to bring the food to the residents of Jerusalem. But they did not reach Tel Aviv. The man who was responsible for this terrible failure was Yitzhak Rabin, then the commander of the Palmach Battalion, 'Harel.'

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