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American Committee for the Weizman Institute of Science (ACWIS)

American Committee for the Weizman Institute of Science (ACWIS) appointed Yuanzeng Lu, an expert on philanthropy, as its New York based Director of Prospect Research (Development Department). She is a native of Beijing, China.

Recently, she visited Weizman Institute in Rehovot. Ms. Lu's account of this, her first visit, was very moving. Having visited the Physics and Chemistry divisions of the Academy of Science in Beijing, she had a mental picture of what to expect. She says that she was in awe of the "city of science" in Rehovot, given the relatively short history of Israel and the Weizman Institute.

She met with scientists and administrators who mange WIS - the people, as she says, who are making things happen. "I was standing in the middle of the campus witnessing a miracle that seems to have happened overnight. Now, I am working with people who are making this miracle happen and I am very proud of that."

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