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One can see that she is a talented musician with a bright future. Ieva Gordon performed with her viola in a concert at the Morse Recital Hall, Juilliard with pianist Yuko Izukara. Gordon originally from Lithuania and a member of our tribe, played Bach, Brahms, but I loved her performance of Shostakovich's Sonata Op. 147. This Russian great composer also loved Jewish music. Indeed, a great performance by Gordon!

In the book For Women Only! Gary Null and Barbara Seaman wrote the following about physical therapy: "Shmuel Tatz works at Medical Arts at Carnegie Hall with an exercise physiologist, doing mostly hands-on treatment. He typically works with people who have arthritic problems from overuse syndromes or accidents. They work directly on the joints. For example, when working with a pianist who has problems with the hands, they will try to move the bones, separating the joints to make more space. As Tatz explains, "Today in physical therapy we use many modalities. One of these is magnetic pulse therapy. We know of the positive effects of magnetism on the body. Scientists have developed a machine with different programs so that we can adjust for every different situation.

"We put electrodes on the body, for example, on the hip joint. Here it stays for 15 to 20 minutes. Usually patients report a very mild relaxing sensation, and the pain decreases.

"Many people with pain from osteoarthritis are afraid to be touched. People with a swollen knee, for instance, can do reflex therapy. For the knee we touch an acupuncture point on the ear, which gives relief?" Once this manipulation has had an effect, they start to exercise the knee by putting the legs in slings, relieving the pressure on the joint and making it easier for the patient to move the body. Trying to open the joint and make more space around the bones allows for better circulations. The same can be done for every part of the body: the shoulder, neck, and so on. Movement is very important for people suffering with arthritis. One patient, Lori, speaks about her improvement:

"Here at Medical Arts I was able to receive a physical therapy, which has enabled me to avoid surgery and has greatly improved the quality of my life. I'm still dancing."

Only few experts are aware of the unique leadership of Rafi Rothstein: Israel Bonds marketing and public-relation campaign. Rarely can one find an expert who combines knowledge of the American scene with the Israeli one. One could see his command of the events at the recent Arik Sharon's rally in NYC. Rothstein is not just a professional sophisticated effective man. He, first of all, cares about the well-being of Israel as well as the Jewish people. Rothstein is also a writer and a poet who expresses the beauty of Israel. He is especially in love with the Negev, Israel's southern landscape.

Rothstein has contributed to the success story of Israel Bonds in North America and no Bond's president will deny it!

For many years 'Yad Vashem' in Jerusalem has promoted the legacy and heritage of the 'Shoa Era.' Its publishing house Yad Vashem Books (011-972-644-3505) has contributed to the fulfillment of this mission from Jerusalem. The following books demonstrate the above mentioned unique contribution: Documents on the Holocaust (edited by Yithak Arad and Israel Gutmen and Abraham Margalit), Rescue Attempts During the Holocaust (edited by Israel Gutman and Efraim Zuroff), The Holocaust of Volkynian Jews 1941-1944 by Shmuel Spector, A Different Story: About a Danish Girl in World War II (by Emilie Roi), The Tulips are Red (by Leesha Rose), Young Moshe's Diary (by Moshe Flinker), the Last Ghetto: Life in the Lodz Ghetto, 1940-1944 (by Michal Unger) and the Pictorial History of the Holocaust (by Yitzhak Arad).

You can order books from Yad Vashen Publications, P.O. Box 3477, Jerusalem, Israel.

Alon Pinkas, Consul General of Israel and Dr. Yehuda Lancry, the representative in the U.N., hosted, on May 13, 2001 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Manhattan, the 53rd anniversary reception of Israel's Independence Day. The honored guest of this event was Israel's brilliant popular Attorney General, Eliakum Rubinstein.

The guests were entertained by the legendary Israeli singer, Yaffa Yarkoni, also known as the 'Singer of the Wars of Israel.' Among the distinguished guests: Yossi Livne, Igal Tsarfati, Dr. Zalman Segal, Abe Foxman, Rabbi Arthur Schnier, Malcolm Hoenlien, Michael Miller, Harriet Mandel, Micha Baram, Ron Eliran, John Ruskay, and Miriam Fried.

Israeli Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein, was the keynote speaker at the J.T.S.'s commencement on May 17, 2001. It took place at the Kripke Tower on Broadway and 122nd Street. Also honorary doctorate bestowed on Ellen V. Futter, president of the American Museum of Natural History and Michael A. Meyer, a professor of Jewish history at Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion.

This year, 109 degree were conferred. Twenty-seven students received degrees from the JTS Graduate School, including four PhDs and one DHL (doctor of Hebrew literature); twenty-two students, including one doctor of education and twenty-one MAs, completed their studies at the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education; the H.L. Miller Cantorial School has one graduating cantor; Albert A. List College awarded thirty-nine BA degrees; and the Rabbinical School ordained twenty-nine rabbis, twelve of whom are women.

"We applaud all our graduates for their fine work and for the years they have spent studying. We are proud of the depth of their education," said Chancellor Ismar Schorsch. "These young people are key to the continuity of Judaism in an open society."

The Jewish National Fund Benefit took place recently at the Center for Jewish History. Ron Lauder is the president of the J.N.F. (KKL) and Russell Robinson is its dynamo, devoted executive director.

This event was the day when J.N.F. saluted the great David and Chaya Saity. They were honored for their dedication and contribution to the J.N.F. Many guests came to participate in this successful event. They expressed their love for the J.N.F. which promote "Green Zionism" in Israel. They fight for Israel's landscape, natural resources, the Negev and for the movement to protect Israel's environment as especially the country's water and rivers.

The emcee of this event was Tony Randall. The guests were entertained by many musicians and singers such as Hadar DeVito, a great opera singer and the wife of the counselor Giovanni Umberto DeVito, a diplomat at the Italian Mission to the U.N. Another original unique entertainer was Joseph Firecrow, a master of American Native music. Among the many guests who came to express their love to the Saito family were: superstar Lenny Kravitz, who told me that he planned to visit Israel in the near future. Kravitz is not his real family name: He is Lenny Kravitzky, whose grandpa was born Jewish in Kiev and his father came to this country. Kravitz is an admirer of David Saity, a man for all seasons, a real humorist who also loves Israel. Other guests were: actress Natalie Portman, who came special for this event.

Many people love David Saity who radiates love for humanity and Jewish history. Among them: Leon Levy, Senator Ben N. Campbell, John Colonghi, Alicia Beltzberg, and Patti Kenner. Russell Robinson and Rita Sufeld, J.N.F.'s New York regional dynamo chair honored the Saity's with J.N.F.'s award 'Tree of Life.'

The evening also featured a silent auction and its winners. Joseph Firecrow's music enriched the special evening's ambience. David Saity, who is a Jew from Iraq, Israel and the U.S., turned out to be America's expert on Native American Indian Jewelry. In this field of special art he is an 'Institution.' He has the largest and best collection of this kind of ancient art. For many years, at least since 1965, Saity fell in love with this art. He also developed his own style of jewelry. And the celebrities have rushed to buy it. He also is a great collector of this art and features rare never before seen masterpieces of Hopi, Zuni and Navajo artisans. It's not surprising to find many people such as Lenny Kravitz, buying Saity's works of art or coming to visit his store at 450 Park Avenue, a unique shrine for many selective pilgrims. Saity also helped to preserve the Native American culture and legacy. It's also not surprising to find out that J.N.F. and the Native American have shared a love for nature and its original beauty. And now we have to help Lenny Kravitz: "Please teach me some Hebrew songs," he told me. Let him fly with the J.N.F. to Israel, as soon as possible.

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