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April's People

By: Gad Nashon

Abraham Grobard (El-Abraham), the famous Israeli-American singer-entertainer was the Chanuka guest of Chabad's Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Grobard is recently in demand because of his ability to sing in many languages and in Yiddush, of course. Grobard was educated in the best of the Jewish-American world of music.

Roni Sar-Tov is a popular lawyer in the northern city of Netania. His father was among the most active citizens of this city. Recently, Sar-Tov decided to run for mayor of this city. The city is closing its business, development and tourism because of its many criminals. The city needs a new answer to this negative image. Therefore, Sar-Tov came to New York to meet the expert in combating crimes: Rudy Guiliani. He also met with the Policy Commissioner, William Safir. Both promised to help. Sar-Tov also met with the Association of Jewish Policemen called Shomrim. They, also, promised to help. Well, Sar-Tov, first, must be elected as the new mayor of Netania.

Zvi Avni, Israel's most famous and cherished classical composer, was honored by Israel's organization "Noar Musically" (the Musical Youth) in the city of Tel-Avis because of his 70th year anniversary. Among the participants were Noamy Farn, Mordecai Virshuvsky and some of his many students (composition), such as Oron Schwartz, a new composer and musician who recently released his own C.D. in which he also included Avni's unique composition for percussion. Avni and his wife, Hanna, produced a special video for children: "The Mystery of the Triangular Monster" (with English subtitles).

"Refounding Zionism" is a new book by Israel's famous expert on Public Administration, Dr. Yehezbal Dror. It is an illuminated response to Israel's post-Zionism, new revisionist intellectual technology. The publisher is the "Zionist Library" which belongs to the World Zionist Organization in Jerusalem. Its editors is Amos Yovel. Dr. Dror discussed issues such as: the 21st Century and Zionism, the Return to Zion and how to preserve in the future Israel's identity as a Jewish and Zionist state: Jewish majority. We should not ignore, by the way, the fact that 20% of Israel's total population is composed of Israeli Arabs. And their fertility rate is four times more than that of an average Israeli Jewish family. One can encounter this fact when one visits the Galilee, the northern part of Israel. But Israel must accept this reality, period.

"Percussion" is the title of a new and unique Israeli C.D. (in English). It was released by "Jerusalem Music Centre" (Jerusalem, 1997). Oron Schwartz and Chen Zimbalista, two young and talented Israeli percussionists, are flaunting unique compositions by Tzi Avni, David Maslanna and also a composition by Oron Schwartz himself. Schwartz by the way was a student of Professor Tzi Avni who is also a famous teacher in Jerusalem.

Israeli's engineer, Yarom Haiut, contributed to the World of Watches a new dramatic invention: a watch without hands. It is a unique watch. It looks like a small kinetic sculpture. It is a new revolutionary product of Art Tempo Design, an industrial plant which is located in the famous Industrial Park in the town of Migdal Hayemek. This new idea or patent is already by now a smash hit even in Switzerland and Haiut, a hi-tech expert is very famous in Europe. The president of Art Tempo Design is Mordecai Cabiri. This patent is based on the fact that the body of this watch moves on an axis and the outcome is the showing of the specific time (hour, second, etc.). So you do not need the hands in order to figure out the time. And you have a unique piece of art. . . The price is around $40, which is very reasonable.

Gideon Patt is very happy: as the industrious president of the Israel Bonds, in 1997 he sold around a billion bonds. He also developed a market among the Jews of Latin America. Patt is, also, the International President of the Bonds. The American Unions (A.F.L.-C.I.O.) loves to buy the Israeli Bonds. Recently, Patt was a guest of the Construction Trade Union which convened in San Francisco. Patt planned many events to commemorate Israel's 50 year anniversary. It is an important contribution to Israel's image, especially when in Israel the government is not yet prepared for the celebrations. And it is not clear how the programs would be accomplished, as well.

"Standing Ovation": The Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra cannot escape from this audience expression of love and admiration. Well it happened again on January 20, 1998 at Carnegie Hall. The Orchestra toured the U.S.A. and performed in ten major cities. Zubin Mehta is the Philharmonic music director and conductor. In Carnegie Hall, the Philharmonic introduced "communion", a composition of Israel's most prominent composer, Tsvi Avni. It should be noted that rarely has the Philharmonic performed a composition by an Israeli composer. The evening of January 20 included Mozart's Sinfornia Concertante in E-Flat Major and Stravinsky's Le Sacre du Printemps. At the beginning of the concert, Mayor Rudy Guiliani blessed the Philharmonic Orchestra and declared Monday, the 20th of January, 1998, as the City's "Israeli Philharmonic Day."

The Philharmonic was established in Palestine in 1936 as a musical refuge for those who ran away from Nazi Germany.

Recently one could come across a new Jewish war. It took place in the New York Times. It was a war on propaganda between "hawks" and "doves" in America. The timing: Bibi Netanyahu's official visit to the White House. First the "doves" published their one page advertisement. Then the "hawks" reacted with their one page ad. On January 20, 1998, 250 Israeli Rabbis called on President Clinton: "Do not pressure Israel!" They also called on Netanyahu: "Do not cede one inch of land." It was the first time in America that 250 Israeli Rabbis from Israel sent this message to America. In the same issue, Sam Domb, ____ Barad Boris Kandow Jacob Kassin Israel Krakowski, Harry Levinson, Jacob Orfali and Jerry Waitski published an open letter to President Clinton: "put us on the map." It was a new call for a real peace, a place which should not lead again to cemeteries. "In the suburbs of Jerusalem Arab children are taught from maps where Israel does not exist" they pointed out and they therefore ask Mr. Clinton: "We ask you to put Israel on the map in the Arab schools and then maybe peace will have a chance to succeed, not only survive."

Friends of the I.D.F., a non-profit organization, released a new call for donors. This organization has not yet gained its takeoff momentum. And no one bothered to ask why. The new campaign comes on the 50 year anniversary of Israel's birth on May 14, 1948. Brig. Gen. Eliezer Hemeli is the National Director and Marvin Josephson is the National Chairman. Jay Zises is the National President and Jerry Kaplan is the National Treasurer.

"Let us in and we clear you" we told the Iraqis but they said: "No. You should trust us" said Ambassador Richard Butler, an Australian diplomat and the Executive Chairman of the United Nations Special Commission (U.N.S.C.O.M.). He is in charge of the U.N. inspection program in Iraq. Butler was a guest (January 27, 1998) of the Conference of Presidents in New York. He was introduced by Mel Salberg, the Chairman and Malcolm Homleven awarded him with a golden Mezzuza. Butler only reviewed the set of activities of his team in Iraq and did not disclose any new information. Of course, Iraq has biological weapons and other weapons of mass destruction: "Iraq is also a case study. What kind of world are we going to live in, in the 21st century? We must stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction" declared Butler, a smart man.

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