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Resist the Establishment of Palestinian State

By Staff Reporter

At the recently held Z.O.A. Annual Dinner, its President Morton Klein called on Israel to resist any attempt to establish a Palestinian State. "Arafat's goal is not to establish a state, but rather plan ahead the total destruction of Israel," explained Klein at the successful dinner, which had 700 guests in attendance. Many celebrities came to this 'stormy' event at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in order to show their objection to Israel's policy of 'restraint' and any renewal of the old 'peace process'. They came to express their objection to the 'Oslo Accords'; many have been against it for many years. Today, even the Israeli 'doves' confess to their myopic policies. The guests listened to many speeches by A. Rosenthal who was critical of the American policies toward Israel and its stupidity; we should never trust Arafat.

Senator Arlen Spector said in this dinner that the U.S. should not aid Arafat with 77 million dollars until he changes his anti-Israel educational practices. He said that the PLO advocates among Palestinian children that the murder of an Israeli will result in martyrdom in paradise. He defined the PLO as 'child abusers' because they sent children to the streets to attack Israeli security forces. Senator Spector also said that the PLO or other terrorists murdered 14 American citizens. He would like the murderer's to be extradited to the United States because "we have here a death penalty." Among the participants were Dr. Frank Guffney, the M.C. of this evening, Malcolm Honlien, Morton Zuberman, Irving Hochberg, Albert J. Wood, Rabbi Moshe Tendler and many others. Some speakers criticized the Israeli government because it cannot defend its citizens. The Israelis should not continue to be victims of the 'peace process', victims of the belief that Arafat is still a 'partner.'

At the end of this event, the guests viewed some video footage from Palestinian Television. They were 'shocked', again, by the hate which is being promoted against Israel: Palestinian children are being 'brain washed' that Palestine belongs only to them. Israelis are being depicted as murderers and rapists (the influence of the Nazi Propaganda) who shoot to kill little girls in their backs! One Palestinian child said, "I am hungry, so hungry, that I can eat Israeli flesh." (Israel is always being accused of economic strangulation of Arabs!) In this television the Muslim priests (Mupkti) attack Israel, openly, in the name of Allah, and they order their believers to kill Israelis and Jews everywhere without showing any mercy! And, of course, they declare with fanaticism that all the land belongs to them: Haifa, the Galilee, and the Negev. It is clear that the Palestinians viewed "peace" only as a temporary "cease fire." Their goal is to dismantle Israel in this century.

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