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"Yassin Was Our Bin Laden"

by Gad Nahshon

"Yassin was our Bin Laden," said Israel Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom in a special meeting with the Conference of Presidents. "He planned the massacre of 400 Israelis, children and women, in the last three years," remarked Shalom, who was a guest of the Jewish leadership. He came to meet the Americans in Washington, D.C., and told them that Israel does support the idea of a "road map" but the Bush administration is still not sure what to do now. They are waiting for Ariel Sharon who will visit the U.S. from April 14th this year

Israel was condemned by many countries for the killing of Yassin. Therefore, Shalom met with Koffe Annon at the U.N. Shalom told the Presidents:

"Yassin was the godfather of the massacre, and he was in charge of sending the suicide bombers, among them children of 14 years old. Today, terrorists understand that Israel will eliminate them. We must stop the terror. The killing of Yassin, the founder of the Hamas, is a signal to others," promised Shalom. Among the leaders were: Tisch, Hoenlein, Foxman, Bialkin, Rabbi Schneier, Morton Klein, Kenny Jacobson, Mel Parnes, Danny Gilerman, Uri Palti, and many others.

Shalom is a leader in the Likud and he might compete with others in order to be the next Israeli Prime Minister. In his illuminating speech Shalom said that he cannot understand why the international community condemns Israel who fights daily against terror. He stressed the simple fact that Israel does not have a serious Palestinian partner for peace negotiations. "There are some modern leaders but as much as Arafat is the main leader there is not chance for peace," said Shalom, who cannot understand why the world does not give us the opportunity to defend ourselves and even they condemn Israel"s building of its fence of defense!

Shalom stressed the fact that he waits for a clear American decision and therefore he calls on the Jews in America to mobilize for supporting Israel. He even told the leaders that his budget is very small. He revealed that he established, in the foreign ministry, a special Arabic speaking department and it publishes material in Arabic also for radio and television. This is a blissful change but Shalom needs more money. He told the leaders that Syria talks about peace but does support Arab terror. It supports the Hizbullah together with Iran.

The two countries provide Hizbullah with arms and money: "The Syrians should evacuate Lebanon," remarked Shalom, who declared that Israel will not stop its intensive counter-terrorism campaign.

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