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Watchman for Jerusalem

WASHINGTON, D.C., - A ground-breaking meeting held recently at the Israeli embassy between leaders of the American Christian community and representatives of the Israeli government has led to the creation of a new, ongoing Christian leadership task force designed to secure Jerusalem's future as an undivided city under Israeli sovereignty, according to Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, founder and president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

Hailed as an "historic and inspirational meeting" by Eliahu Ben-Elissar, Ambassador of Israel to the United States, the meeting drew leaders from a variety of Christian denominations, public policy groups, and media. Together, they represent millions of Christians dedicated to the support of Israel and Jerusalem.

Task force members decried the use of Jerusalem as a "political tool" in the ongoing debate between Israel and the Palestinians. Representatives of Christian radio, TV and print media, including Dr. Brandt Gustavson, president of the National Religious Broadcasters and Janet Parshall, host of "Janet Parshall's America," pledged to dedicate themselves and the more than 840 organizations and over 1,300 radio stations they represent to disseminate reliable pro-Israeli information on the Middle East conflict. Such efforts are designed to counteract the negative portrayals of Israel often presented in the secular press.

The meeting, which represents the first organized effort of the Fellowship's Watchmen for Jerusalem project, will help "centralize support within the multifaceted Christian community, support which is vital to Israel's well- being," according to Ben- Elissar. The ambassador thanked the task force for its work and pledged his full cooperation with its future efforts.

"The Watchmen task force will facilitate frank, honest discussion of Christian concerns related to the State of Israel and provide practical ways for millions of pro-Israel Christians to express their support for an undivided Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty as the eternal capital of Israel," said Rabbi Eckstein.

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