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United We Stand

They came to destroy, but they only achieved bringing out a dormant spirit in our people. They attempted to create chaos, but instead they brought together a nation. They thought they would cower our people yet on one of the planes they hijacked, brave Americans overpowered them before they reached their target and sacrificed their own lives to save those of their fellow citizens. They thought they could transport their hatred of America to our shores, inflict us with death and destruction, and escape to their vision of heaven by suicide, but they just damned their cause to hell.

This barbaric attack on New York and Washington, D.C. targeted our landmarks but the victims were civilians. Those that are still missing, over 5,000 of them, were just people doing their jobs. Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. Members of every race and every religion. People from many countries and from every walk of life. And of course, the bravest and finest, our firemen and policemen, who responded to the tragedy to help those in distress.

Who could forget the passengers on board the planes that these terrorists used as guided missiles - the innocent passengers who were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Those that designed this well-planned attack did not have a care in the world for those that would be killed. The perpetrators were so filled with hatred for our country, they did not care who died as long as there were many deaths.

Except for our fellow Americans, the people that identified the most, sympathized and empathized the most with our country were the people of Israel. They declared a national day of mourning as they grieved with us over our losses. The mayor of Jerusalem, Ehud Olmert, spoke with Mayor Giuliani at an additional ceremony held in Israel to express their condolences and support for our city and our country. Reportedly, one of the aims of the terrorists was to punish America for our friendship with Israel and to force us to abandon this friendship lest more of our people be murdered. They miscalculated, big time, if they thought this was the kind of convincing argument that would create a rift between Israel and America.

In a twist of irony, now all Americans understand, all too well, the meaning and consequences that Israel had endured this last year as a result of indiscriminate terrorist attacks and suicide bombings in their country. No longer can Americans remain detached when discotheques, shopping malls, buses & pizzerias are bombed in Israel killing innocent men, women and children performing their daily routines. And when the Palestinians dance with glee, shoot off their guns and celebrate the carnage Americans will have a new understanding of the hatred behind these actions.

The terrorism that takes place on a daily basis in Israel is part and parcel of the terrorism directed at America. The training camps for terrorists and the suicide bombers in Palestine are a carbon copy of those that taught the suicide hijackers that attacked America their trade. The education of the young impressionable minds of the Palestinians mirrors the hatred taught to a legion of terrorists that are waiting their turn to kill more Americans.

It is doubtful that from here on America or its citizens can or will, in good faith, suggest to Israel that after future terror attacks they show restraint in their response. The last thing that Americans feel at this time is restraint against those that caused us so much death and destruction.

May God grant President Bush and our Congress the will and resolve to wage war against terrorists throughout the world. May they be granted the strength and character not to distinguish between the terror aimed at Israel and the terror aimed at America in order to shore up its worldwide coalition with Arab and Moslem allies.

Today in America there are no democrats and no republicans. There are no liberals and no conservatives. There are no Afro-Americans, no Asian-Americans, no Hispanic-Americans, and no other hyphenated Americans. There are only Americans and we are united, one nation, under God ready to defend our liberty and dispense justice to any who would do us harm.

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