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The Unity Government:
Will Arik Sharon's Formula Save Israel?

by Gad Nahshon

Benny Kashriel is the popular mayor of Maale-Adomim, a city located 15 minuted from Jerusalem. Indeed this city of 28,000 residents is the wall of defense of Jerusalem. Israeli leaders such as the late Itshaq Rabin declared the city to be united with Israel forever, but Kashriel never has slept quietly in his beautiful airy city which has a great potential of development: "I will help any one who would like to invest in our industry. We also have the Kastel Museum. We would like to establish a new center of information. We promote the high tech industry. I call on American Jews and Israelis to come and invest in our city. We call them to come and enjoy our high standard of life quality," said Kashriel, who visited this country in order to raise funds for his city's development.

Kashriel, a professional mayor told me that Maale Adomim absorbed Russian Jews (15%), Ethiopian Jews (4%), and Anglo-Saxon Jews (15%). He established 'Friends of Maale Adomim' in this country and enjoys the support of Bnai-Zion and its executive vice president, Mel Parnes. Kashriel is also the chairman of 'Yesha Council', the powerful lobby of the Israeli settlements in the West Bank. He believes that Arik Sharon more than anyone else will support 'Yesha's' quest and strength.

Recently, Kashriel engaged in the Burger King war. The Arabs and their lobbies in America declared economic was on Israel. They even have tried to force the Palestinians not to buy Israeli products. Kashriel managed to save his Burger King in Maale Adomim. But the company gave in and decided not to open more Burger Kings in the West Bank. Kashriel is certainly proud of his achievement. His Burger King is open, alive and well, in Maale Adomim.

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