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The Target: Jewish Library at Your Home

by Staff Reporter

The Jewish Literacy Foundation (410-602-1020) located in Baltimore (Executive Director Yigal Segal), decided to launch a non-stop campaign aimed at providing every Jew with a Jewish Library. It is a must. Why? Just review the following date:

JLF was established in 1998 to educate unaffiliated and marginally affiliated Jews in North America about the Jewish religion in an effort to bring them closer to their faith and lead active Jewish lives. Through the creation and distribution of inspiring books on the history and practices of Judaism, JLF has provided more than 100,000 unaffiliated and marginally affiliated Jews around the world with a deeper understanding of Judaism that has lead them to re-connect with their heritage and actively participate in Jewish customs and rituals.

To date, JLF has distributed over 67,000 books to Jews directly or though existing Jewish organizations. Shimon Apisdorf, author and educational director of JLF, offers an insightful perspective on the history of Judaism and its practices, and how to address every day issues facing the mind, heart, and soul from a Jewish perspective. JLF hopes its outreach efforts will help decrease the number of Jews leaving the faith and preserve Jewish continuity in North America for generations to come.

The Last Books:

Israel in a Nutshell - discusses the history of the creation of the State of Israel and the current conflict between the Jews and the Palestinians. This is the first book to launch JLF's continent-wide campaign to provide every Jewish home with a Jewish library. The "Israel in a Nutshell" book is part of a series of twelve books entitled "Judaism in a Nutshell" that addresses modern day issues such as God, Spirituality, holidays, and interpersonal relationships in a concise format.

Rosh Hashanah Yom Kippur Survival Kit - offers insight and knowledge on the two holiest days in the Jewish calendar and how to maximize the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur experience. The book has reached 200,000 people since its release ten years ago. In 2001, JLF distributed 4,000 books to Jews across the country through a three week Internet campaign.

Survival Kit Family Haggadah - explains the Haggadah (religious book used to conduct the seder) and also discusses the holiday of Passover. It elaborates on the importance and significance of the Jewish holiday and offers tips on how to maximize the Passover Seder experience. In 2001, JLF distributed 1,465 books to Jewish college students across the country.

Passover Survival Kit - discusses the history and customs of the Passover holiday as well as offers suggestions on how to prepare for the Passover holiday. In 2001, JLF distributed 3,000 books to Birthright Israel alumni across the country.

The Death of Cupid - educates individuals on approaches to dating, marriage, and relationships from a Jewish perspective. In 2002, JLF distributed 632 books to Jews across the country.

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