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The Slaughter of Israeli Children


Terror - the enemy of Civilization, the enemy of humanity

The rules of war in the civilized world are based on a clear distinction between combatants and civilians. Terrorism seeks to eradicate this distinction.

As a result, the terrorist has set himself apart from the rest of humanity. He has declared an all-out war on the society he is challenging. In his view, any member of that society is a legitimate target. Even a babe in arms is fair game, because that baby may grow up to become a soldier. In so doing, terrorists move society backward to that savage period when the world was ruled not by laws and accepted rules of behavior but rather by dark, unrestrained impulses. This is the greatest danger terror poses to human society. This is why terror represents such a threat to civilization and why it must be defeated totally and absolutely.

Injury to innocent civilians during combat

During the IDF's actions over the last two years in the areas Israel yielded to the Palestinian Authority - actions taken within the context of Israel's war on terrorist organizations, terrorists and those who dispatch them civilians have been hurt, including children."

As to the children maimed for life:

Palestinian terrorists in the past two years

Among the wounded were over 809 children who suffered moderate to serious wounds - these numbers merely hint at the extensive damage caused by Palestinian terror.

The 89 children murdered by Palestinian terrorists are not the only victims of the wave of savage terror unleashed on Israel over the past two years.

In addition, thousands of children have been wounded or traumatized, including over 809 with moderate to extremely serious wounds. Many will remain handicapped for the rest of their lives.

No region in Israel has been left untouched by the terror. Jerusalem has the dubious distinction of topping this list. The Jerusalem branch of the National Insurance Institute, the governmental body that deals with Israeli citizens harmed in terror attacks, is currently taking care of 300 children injured in the capital during the recent terror wave. (These figures are accurate as of July, 2002)

The Cohen Family of Kfar Darom

"We want the world to see three children without legs."

Terror is not blind. It knows perfectly well at whom it strikes. Three of the Cohen family's children were injured in a deliberate terror attack on a clearly marked school bus during the early stage of the current round of Palestinian attacks. Yisrae1, 7, lost his right leg under the knee; T�hila, 8, lost both legs; and Qrit, 12, lost part of her foot.

Terrorists detonated a large explosive device planted on the road leading out of the Kfar Darom community just as the school bus drove by.

Two adults - Miri Amitai and Gabi Biton - were killed, and five children were wounded in the explosion.

Three of the children were from the Cohen family in Kfar Darom. Although the three children sat in different locations on the bus, when the bomb went off, all three were seriously wounded, in their legs."

All this information is based on Target: Israeli Children, a must to anyone who wants to learn about the realities in Israel and what is the meaning of being a parent in Israel. Also, it is based on the service of the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism in Herzliya under the leadership of Shabtai Shavit and Dr. Boaz Ganor.

Just yesterday, under the sky of the new cease fire, a terrorist penetrated into a private house in Kfar Yabetz near Netania and murdered a woman and tried to murder three children inside this house.

They miraculously only were injured.

In Soroka Hospital, Beer Sheva, a toddler, three months old, was saved by a daring operation of his injured head. His brain was rescued. The toddler is alive and well. He was a victim of Palestinian shelling in the Gaza Strip.

It is still not surprising to find the Israeli young generation of parents living with alertness as to the safety and survival of their children. Is it surprising that many parents would use a cab not a public bus? When will there be an end to the Palestinian cannibalism?

*Contributed by The International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism in Herzliya.

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