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The PLO Can Stop the Waves of Terror

by Gad Nahshon

Israel's new Ambassador to the U.S., Mr. Danny Ayalon, was recently the guest of honor of the Conference of Presidents in New York City. Ayalon said that Moshe Arens told him 'you must show your credentials' to President Bush of course, but then you must show your credentials to the Conference of Presidents in order to get their blessing and utmost political support.

Consul General of New York City, Alon Pinkas, remarked that Mr. Ayalon is lucky to have one President (Bush) but he has to 'cater' to 54 Presidents (major Jewish organizations.). Ayalon, who along with Mort Zuckerman and Malcolm Hoenlein, briefed the leaders who came to honor him as to the situation in Israel.

Ayalon has a diplomatic background. He served four years in the Israeli mission to the U.N. His last job was to serve as the Prime Minister's special advisor. Ayalon is a brilliant intellectual and a creative diplomat who can develop personal relations in Washington, therefore he will accomplish his diplomatic mission. Today, there is a state of 'honeymoon' between Israel and the U.S. but the anti-Israeli camp is very active, increasing its power bases.

Ayalon believes that Israel will find the formula of uprooting the resources of terror in Israel. He also said that the P.L.O. can stop terrorism in the region but Israel is still looking for a new responsible kind of Palestinian leadership: "Indeed we do suffer daily from terror. We managed to stop, to pre-empt 80% of this terror. Even today, we arrested a few suicide bombers, preventing a disaster. We will wait until we are faced with new Palestinian leadership," Ayalon remarked.

Responding to a few questions from the guests, Ayalon explained: "The idea of combating terrorism by a 'fence' means a concept of defense. It means a buffer. Often we need a fence. Often we need to control the area by other means of defense. We can learn a lesson from Gaza. There we have a fence, a very effective one: zero terrorism from Gaza! We interrogated some terrorists from Gaza and they explained that 80% of their energy was wasted just to overcome the fence on their way to Israel. But in the West Bank the terrorists just walk easily to their targets in Israel."

At the end of this meeting Ayalon thanked his hosts and brought a message from Ariel Sharon to this conference asking American Jews to help Israel by encouraging tourism and investments as well.

Danny Ayalon replaced Gen. (Ret) David Ivry as Israeli Ambassador to the U.S.

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