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The Palestinians Espouse the 'Samson Syndrome'

by Staff Reporter

Dr. Uri Milstein, Israel's distinguished military historian and a popular writer and lecturer, recently suggested that the Palestinians, as a nation, has espoused the biblical 'Samson Syndrome.'

Dr. Milstein believes that this interpretation is the key to understanding what is behind the concept of destroying Israel by the tactic of suicide bombers. It is a national Palestinian tendency, explained Milstein, also a lecturer for the Israeli security authorities.

Perhaps the majority of the rank and file of the Palestinians do not understand this horrible, crazy, lunatic tendency but their leaders espoused it. They think that they are not able to destroy Israel so they will die together with the Israelis. This is a new kind of 'final solution,' a modern genocide of Jews. In the bible only Samson, blind, died. In this case a whole Palestinian nation will die just in order to eliminate Israel.

Dr. Milstein always an original thinker with a sense of courage for the truth, remarked that the Palestinians figured out that since 1948 they made only failures and refused support by Arab countries as well as the U.S. They also see the apathy toward their quest for a state. They also figured out that the Jews will not give up and that the Israeli left will always support their country only as a Jewish state with a Jewish majority. The P.L.O. managed to alienate the Israeli peace camp especially in Camp David at the end of the Clinton regime. Dr. Milstein also points out that the Palestinians see that they do not have real power in the Middle East. They are not an important factor in this region. This bleak vision pushed them to the jaws of the 'Samson Syndrome.'

The conclusion: we will face an unprecedented evidence in the annals of history: one nation mobilizes itself to die by committing suicide only in order to murder another nation at the same time!

Israel is willing to make compromises but not to die. Israel's survival is on the brink of an abyss. Israelis must stop the danger of a total elimination. Israel has reached a turning point: so many people were murdered, its economy is in bad shape. Its domestic functions have reached a point of crisis.

Israel, concludes Dr. Milstein, must discuss the new national challenge of the 'Samson Syndrome.' It is urgent. Dr. Milstein believes that today Israel must direct its energies and resources to find a solution to this challenge. It is Israel's survival at stake. How can we counter the new Palestinian lunatic-fanatic system of a Muslim 'Final Solution?'

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