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The Jewish Women Foundation: A New Message

by Staff Reporter

NEW YORK - The Jewish Women's Foundation of New York (JWF), the grantmaking organization that meets the needs of Jewish women and girls in metropolitan New York and beyond, announced this year's grant recipients at its annual board meeting.

"Months of research culminated in the unanimous selection of six grantees working on novel programs that have the potential to improve and change the lives of Jewish women and girls in metropolitan New York," said Frances Brandt, president of the JWF. "This year, for the first time, one of the grantees is based in Israel."

Founded in 1995, the Jewish Women's Foundation of New York (JWF) educates and empowers its members and makes grants to non-profit organizations that meet the needs of Jewish women and girls in metropolitan New York and Israel. JW's unique grantmaking process involves its entire membership - every member has an equal voice, no matter what her level of giving. JWF has more than 250 members united by their commitment to control where their money goes and learn about the projects they are funding. To learn more about JWF, call 212.836.1478.

This foundation is a success story. In a few years it raised $3 million! Also, each donor ($5,000 - $10,000) is also a trustee. The total membership of these donors is one mishpucha which decides how to allocate the grants. Anyone can suggest a proposal for women or girls. The organizations who received grants were: Jewish Child Care Association; Jewish Alcoholics; City University of New York Television (Jewish Women in America Project); The Rabbinical Assembly (Conservative Movement); The Counseling Center for Women in Ramat-Gan (Women In the Line of Duty)_; and others. Jewish and Israelis proposals for grants are welcome.

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