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Frank Meisler at H. Stern Jewelers


Many artists have expressed the unique sacred beauty of Jerusalem the holy city of which celebrates its 3000th anniversary.

Among the prominent artists who express the idea of Jerusalem - the heavenly and the earthly is the famous artist Frank Meisler who resides in Jerusalem.

Meisler: Works can be seen in New York City thanks to the courtesy of the international company which has been committed to promoting fine art and art from Jerusalem.

H. Stern Jewelers, the famous landmark located on Fifth Ave. at 51st Street. Today, you can see and buy Meisler's unique works especially his Jerusalem Sphere, a beautiful rendition of Jerusalem.

The "love affair" between Meisler, whose works are to be found in any prestigious museum around the world, and H. Stern Jewelers is a long story. It symbolizes H. Stern's commitment to beauty and quality. H. Stern is also known as supporter of many Israeli and Jewish causes.

Meisler excels in the sculpting of religious objects. His sculptures have a gleaming metal surface movable parts and concealed surprises. His sculptures are always breathtaking because of their beauty and they radiate holiness as well. Most fascinating is "Jerusalem Sphere". It is Jerusalem in the shape of a shining globe. Also famous are his "Noah's Ark", "King David" "The Goat" Shaddai "Mezuzah" and many others.

Many dignitaries were honored to get the sculptures by Meisler as a present: Margaret Thacher, Dr. Henry Kissinger, Teddy Kollek, Al Haig, George Schultz and presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Ford. Also his piece was presented to Anwar Sadat. Meisler was born in Danzig. He then escaped from the Nazis to Manchester and in 1960 made Aliyah to Israel. "I have a commitment to enrich Judaica:, said Meisler, the 64 year old artist.

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