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The Israeli-Arab Parliament

Remember: Israel has an Israeli-Arab minority of one million citizens. Israel's fragile coalitions cabinets, often, did not collapse because of the support of the Arab parties in the Knesset, an 'ethnic block.' But the average Israeli is not sure about their true identity. Some Israelis try to integrate them into the mainstream such as Israel's Minister of Justice, Yossi Beilin. Some even called on Israel to increase this segment by letting 100,000 Palestinian refugees return to Israel: Let's have a Palestinian Law of Return. But the majority of Israelis are confused: What to do? How to protect Israel as a Jewish state with ever growing Jewish majority?

When I visited my relative in Israel's Central Bank, 'Bank of Israel,' I saw an Arab demonstration in front of Israel's Prime Ministers offices. They protested against discrimination arguing that the government did not allocate enough budget for the Israeli-Arab municipal councils. Well, Arabs will always complain about discriminations. Israel is a Jewish State and not a Muslim one. But they naturally will define themselves as Palestinians looking to be integrated into the coming P.L.O.'s new state. They will use their 'discriminations' right or wrong, to justify their wish to unite with the rising Palestinian nation. We are frustrated. Some of us simply view the Arabs or most of them as a potential 'fifth column.' They will dismantle Israel as a Jewish State. They will dismantle our 'Law of Return.' Is it a nightmare? Is it Jewish paranoia? Last November, 'Maariv' published an article by Amir Gilat.

Israelis, who often behave like the ostrich in a myopic manner, ignored this article. Gilat exposed an Arab infrastructure of Arab autonomy, a sort of 'state within a state.' The Arabs established many non-profit organizations whose aim and goals are legal but their total essence means: Arab government inside Israel of the 21st century! Of course, the organizers did not say a word about their concept of a new Palestinian state. They did not discuss the possibility that the P.L.O. may use their activities as a leverage or as a political card in the future. Gilat wrote that some founders of this kind of 'shadow government' told him openly that they will establish an 'Israeli-Arab Parliament', 'Israeli-Arab National University', and Arabic organizations of health, civil rights, educational system and, of course, their own K.K.L., an Arab National fund to defend their land, water and nature. Of course, Israel is a true democracy and you have freedom even to build your own government.

On my way to Tel-Aviv, I had to take a bus, No. 480 express, from the new Jerusalem Central Station. It was five o'clock and, suddenly, all the people were evacuated to a nearby street. A policewoman stopped me and said: "We found some explosive material inside the station." After 20 minutes we were allowed to go into the station. Well, in Jerusalem, these problems of safety have become a daily routine.

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