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The Hebrew University: The Crucible of Israel's Scholarship

by Gad Nahshon

The Hebrew University, the Crucible of Israeli Scholarship, the mother of Israel's academic world and excellence, needs your utmost support. The Hebrew University which was established as early as 1925 in Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, has a group of dedicated people: American Friends of the Hebrew University (AFHU). Their main office is located at 11 East 69th Street, NYC (749-2324). The Hebrew University enjoys "Friends" all over the world. Their mission is to support this university which suffered from the bad economy and from the terrorist attacks of Jerusalem. The president of the AFHU is Israel Sorkin. Keith L. Sacks is the chairman of the board and Peter T. Willner is the executive vice-president.

Among the most prominent activists in New York are: Rita Bogen and Frances R. Katz. They are in charge of the AFHU's Annual Leadership Educational Forum (ALEF), the organizers of the recent AFHU's successful enriching event. A symposium on humanities, science and the Middle East issues which convened at NYC's Marriott Marquis Hotel. In Jerusalem the creative leadership of this national university is based on President Prof. Menachem Magidor, Vice President Moshe Arad (ex-Ambassador to the U.S.), Moshe Vigdor, Vice President and Yigal Arnon Chairman of the Board of Governors and a famous lawyer and businessman.

The Hebrew University, whose campus was a victim of a suicide bomber, wants to mobilize support as soon as possible. Its supporters and fundraisers, a unique family, attended the illuminating symposium at the Marriott Marquis. Among the speakers and lecturers were Prof. Menachem Magidor, Dan Gilman, 2002 Nobel Laureate Prof. Daniel Kahneman, Prof. Idan Segev, Prof. Nissim Benvenisty, Dr. William E. Paul, Joseph Farah Ido Aharoni and others. Only a few people are aware of the fact that Albert Einstein attended the opening ceremony of Hebrew University in 1925. His Jewish-Israeli aspect of his biography is looking for its author. But Prof. Hanoch Gutfreund, an internationally acclaimed scientist, an ex-president of Hebrew University, is researching this aspect and he is the chairman of the worldwide exhibition of Einstein. In his lecture at the symposium, Dr. Gutfreund revealed the relations between Einstein and the Hebrew University.

Einstein rejected Ben-Gurion's offer to serve as Israel's president in 1948, but he donated his archive to the Hebrew University. It was so updating to discuss the most current challenges to our democracy and western civilization: The global Muslim-Arabic terrorism. The guest speaker in this symposium was Prof. Raphaeli Israeli, an expert on Islamic-Middle Eastern issues and... Chinese history.

Dr. Raphaeli published 15 books in Hebrew, French, and English. (Ph.D. from Berkeley University). He was born in Fez, Morocco, and made aliyah at the age of 14. He is a unique, courageous scholar who does not hesitate to expose the wronged or idiotic policies of the Israeli various governments as to their relations to Arabs, Muslim Israeli-Arabs and first of all, to the P.L.O. Dr. Raphaeli told the participants of this symposium that the P.L.O. fooled the Israelis in Oslo! He thinks that the Israelis in Oslo, the ones who signed the Oslo Accords, were first of all, a bunch of ignorant people.

The P.L.O.'s representatives simply manipulated them. Dr. Raphaeli argued the following: 1. 80% of the global Muslim population support terrorism and the suicide bombers, as well; 2. The Arab intellectual elite do support the suicide bombers!; 3. It is a great illusion to believe in economic salvation. The wealth of Arabs will not dismantle terrorism. They are true believers in terrorism!; 4. The West is the number one target for terrorism, the world Jewry is the second priority. It is the universal war against the Jews. The Israeli-Palestine conflict is only one segment of this war against the Jews; 5. According to these fundamentalist Muslims, God gave Palestine to them, not to the Jews. Israel, in their eyes, is a temporary problem like the Crusaders' "Kingdom of Jerusalem." This belief explains why fundamentalists can not look for any compromise with Israel; 6. Jerusalem? The Muslims adopted this city because it has been a well known city. So Mohammed took off from this holy city and not from Mecca!

By supporting The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and its mission, Friends become partners in promoting and perpetuating Jewish identity and values, furthering peace and pluralism, enhancing life in Jerusalem, advancing research and development in all fields of study, and educating Israel's future leaders.

To become an American Friend is to become an invaluable resource for the University, enabling it to create an enlightened future for Jerusalem, Israel, World Jewry and all nations.

The Hebrew University at a Glance:
Student Population - 23,000
Countries Represented - 70+
Campuses - 4
Faculties - 7
Schools - 15
Faculty - 1,300
Research Centers - 90+
Ongoing Research Projects - 3,200+
Libraries - 13
Degrees Awarded to Date - Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral: 100,000+
Special Distinctions - 25% of all Knesset Members are HU alumni; 13 of

Israel's 14 Supreme Court Justices are alumni

The University is Home To: The Jewish National and University Library, housing the largest collection of Judaica in the world, including Albert Einstein's archives. The Rothberg International School, educating more than 60,000 overseas students over the past 50 years. The Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace a vital forum for exploration and dialogue. Israel's only Faculty of Agriculture, School of Veterinary Medicine, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, and Learning Center for the Blind. The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive, containing the world's largest collection of film about Jewish history and culture.

President Menachem Magidor expressed the soul of the Hebrew University by stating to the New York Times recently, after the bombing of Mount Scopius Campus: "I arrived on the scene only moments after the bomb exploded, and stood enraged before the pools of blood of the dead and wounded. I asked myself whether it still makes sense to strive for a peaceful society based on reason and understanding." "Then the answer came to me clearly, and it is summarized by the Hebrew word "davka" despite everything. We must not let them kill our dream of peace."

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