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The Guardian Angel of Jabotinsky

by Gad Nahshon

This institution is the guardian angel of Zeev Jabotinsky (1880-1940). It carries his torch. It is dedicated to preserve his unique legacy, his revisionist heritage.

The Jabotinsky Institute in Israel located at King George Street 38, Tel Aviv (03-5287320, is a distinguished respected institute of research and publications. Its archive is a must for any scholar or student or a writer who likes to learn about Jabotinsky, the great charismatic leader of Zionism, Revisionism, heroism, the father of Beitar.

The Likud's ideology is a manifestation of his dreams and belief but the new generation of Israelis have to learn about this unique leader.

Recently, the institute enriched itself with a multi-vision permanent exhibition: 'Ze'ev Jabotinsky - His Life Span.' The inauguration of this exhibition turned out to be an event for celebration. It is certainly a great contribution to the education goals of the Jabotinsky Institute which resided inside the Metsuda (the Citadel), the historical center of the Revisionist movement, its museums and the offices of Herut, the Likud of Beitar.

The Jabotinsky Institute is sixty-years old. Many members of the Likud party, many old veteran revisionists, members of Jabotinsky's order, recently came to the opening ceremony of this exhibition. Yossi Ahiemir, the editor of Hauma was the chairman of this ceremony. He introduced the other speakers among them the chairman of the institute, Peleg Tamir, Ms. Mazar and others.

Among the guests were Mordecai Zipori and Yechiel Kadishai. Keynote speaker, Limor Livnat, could not come because the government collapsed. As always this tribe of Jabotinsky's disciples and followers love to sing their 'oldies' songs which became history. The singer was, as usual, Shula Livnat.

The songs express their own biographies as fighters in the underground for the establishment of Israel, they came from the Irgun, they came from the Lehi. All try to preserve 'Jabo's' heritage.

The new permanent exhibition is based on work by Bat Sheva Graphic Art and Uri Stern-Shaviv, curator Sara Harel-Hkosen. The script of the film which tells the life story of Jabo was written by Oren Naman and produced by Nissan Belkin and Sharon Zagan.

The project was the brainchild of a special steering committee: Peley, Tamir, Yossi Achimair, Amiram Bokspan, Amira Stern, Irit Sivan and others as well. The film reviews the life of Jabo by presenting an imaginative dialogue between Jabo (actor Asher Tsarfati) and his son Eri Jabotinsky (actor Gil Tsuriano).

The dialogue exposes the life and the political activity of Jabo who died in Beitar Camp at Hunter, New York on Aug. 4, 1940. The film is only 15 minutes of presentation on six screens, a three dimension film.
It is a fascinating kind of educational means. It is a great new asset!

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