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The Gold Train

The last word about the fate of the Hungarian Jewry is still waiting. We still would like to understand the Holocaust enigma: How the Nazis and their Hungarian people and government managed to murder 444,000 Hungarian Jews from July 1944 under the nose of the allies, under the nose of the Jewish and the Zionist leadership. We are waiting for the Hungarian nation act of forgiveness.

We are waiting for a national awareness act so the Hungarians will fully confess to their role in the "final solution" in Hungary.

Ronald W. Zweigan, Israeli scholar of Tel Aviv University, decided to research the issue of the looting of the Hungarian Jews. He wrote: The Gold Train - The Destruction of Jews and the Looting of Hungary (William Morrow, NYC 2002).

In this book he wrote: "I met Gabriel Schillinger in the archives five years ago, reading the same files that 1 had been working on for months. His interest in the Gold Train was very personal. In 1944, when he was 17, his parents had been among 437,000 Hungarian Jews deported to Auschwitz. Fifty years later he was trying to find out what had happened to their possessions. I asked if he was looking for restitution, but he dismissed that immediately. He said he simply wanted to know what had happened to his parents" wedding rings. The story of the Hungarian Holocaust is well known. But the fate of the moveable personal property of the Jews of Hungary (the jewelry, tableware, Persian carpets, cameras and so on - the artifacts of central European bourgeois life, the family possessions of hundreds of thousands) was a mystery."

Prof. Zweig reconstructed an amazing saga from fragmentary documentation. The Gold Train is an account of a special Nazi episode of robbery of Jewish victims. It is also a story of injustice to Jewish survivors who have the right to reclaim their stolen property, their gold. Some of the revelations of the Gold Train:

The issue became very sensitive because a special commission recently concluded that the Americans who came across the train behaved in a negligent way and even helped themselves. The New York Times reported that even a General, Harry J. Collins, "helped himself to the wealth of Hungarian Jews." Many items such as clocks, jewelry and furs, and other stolen Jewish Hungarian goods were sold to the American soldiers.

So Jews were victims of looting by Nazis, Hungarian fascists and... Americans. The issue of restitution compensation and reparations is very important today. We must correct the injustice. It should be noted that the Gold Train was a response of a group of Fascists to the advancing of the Soviet Army to Budapest. The Gold Train carried valuable items such as gold, gems, cash, carpets, fur, and many personal items such as wedding rings. This was a cargo of hundreds of millions of dollars worth. Today, we know that this cargo was never returned to its owners who were murdered in the gas chambers, or even to their surviving heirs.

Prof. Zweig, a Holocaust expert, wrote books such as German Reparation and the Jewish World. He provided the reader with a detailed documentation of the Gold Train.

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