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The Crusade for Justice to Israel's M.I.A.

by Staff Reporter

They came to the U.S. in order to achieve justice, a universal justice. Their sons and husbands are in the hands of the Hizbullah. Their loved ones are Israeli M.I.A. Their heart is bleeding. They will not rest until all of the truth is exposed. They still tend to believe that their loved ones might still be alive, prisoners of the Hizbullah.

The three M.I.A. are: Adi Avitan, Benny Avraham and Omar Souad. The families are launching a crusade in order to mobilize public opinion. Recently, the Conference of Presidents hosted the families together with Minister Danny Naveh, a liaison between the cabinet and the Knesset. The representatives of these families who attended the event in Manhattan were: Mr. And Mrs. Avitan, Mr. And Mrs. Avraham, and Mrs. Souad.

Mr. Avraham spoke about the issue and asked the Jewish community to help the families. One can even wear their special M.I.A.'s Blue Ribbon. Also the families established "MAOR' Foundation for donations and they welcome any help in their hard fight for the freedom of the three abducted soldiers (972-3-9244299).

Danny Naveh outlined Israel's official policy: 'Arafat and his gang must go!' He believes in the ability to find alternatives to them. Naveh also expressed satisfaction with the fact that Israel is united in one government. The unity is a treasure. He also expressed his worries as to the anti-Israeli, anti-human Palestinian's educational system.

As to the three soldiers: Saturday, the 7 of October 2000. Three combat engineering soldiers were on a routine patrol on the Israel/Lebanon border. The soldiers were: Benny Avraham, Adi Avitan, and Omar Souad. At 12:40 pm upon their arrival to "Shabaa Farms," the three soldiers were shelled by a group of terrorists from a Hizbullah terrorist organization. The soldiers that were wounded in the attack were taken into captivity on the Lebanese side of the border. The abductors used U.N. symbols and uniforms to conduct this brutal action. Since the abduction no contact has been allowed by any organization including the Red Cross to check their condition, to assure that they are receiving proper medical care and that their human rights are maintained. The families have been sending packages on a regular basis through the Red Cross but the Hizbullah refuses to forward them. U.N. leaders have tried many times to acquire information about the soldiers status but to no avail. The families have tried to make contact with leaders around the world. Leaders from the USA, Russia, The Netherlands, Japan, France, and other countries have tried to speak with the Hizbullah leaders but these efforts were also unsuccessful.

The families believe that, first of all, they must mobilize information from the U.N. The U.N. is covering up this incident! The U.N. in uncooperative in good faith. They might establish a permanent vigil in front of the U.N.

The families also would like to mobilize the Israeli communities in America, the only ethnic group which has not developed institutions, an unorganized ethnic group. The families ask for your support by calling the following numbers and organizations:

red cross:
Tel: 1-202-639-3400
Fax: 1-202-639-3595

Tel: +442074135500
Fax: +442079561157

Tel: 0012124995400
Fax: 0012124995516

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