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The Battle Over Jewish Identity

The debate over Jewish identity dominates headlines. Jews in the United States and abroad are desperately searching for answers. As we enter the next century, the battle over "Who Is a Jew?" is sure to continue as Jews argue over who holds the correct interpretation of Jewish law and who will control the future of the Jewish people and Israel. According to some participants in the debate, "War has been declared."

The full range of arguments and opinions about "Who Is a Jew?" appear in an engaging and thought-provoking new book. In "Who Is a Jew?" Conversations, Not Conclusions (Jewish Lights / April 1998 / $23.95 / Hardcover), veteran journalist Meryl Hyman interviews leaders from the religious, academic, and political communities in the United States, Israel, and England. She presents their thoughts in their own words - on who is "Jewish enough" to be considered a Jew, and by whom. Meryl Hyman, a veteran reporter and editor, has worked for most of her career at Gannett Newspapers. She has a degree in journalism from Ohio University and began her career as Esquire magazine, after which she wrote and edited for several magazines. She has served as a media consultant on the National Endowment for the Humanities in Washington, D.C. She lives in Westchester County, New York.

The following list includes those celebrities trying to answer this question:

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