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The Anti-Bush Campaign

by Gad Nahshon

Political scientists will teach us that fanaticism, dogmatism, propaganda, persecution of freedom of ideas, is typical political behavior of totalitarian regimes, advocates of the far right, fanatics, fascists or Bolsheviks. Even propaganda considered to be the weapon of the Right or the advocates totalitarian anti-democratic regimes.

But the recent war for the freedom of Iraq has exposed that the American liberalism is capable to produce the same negative-preventive elements or pattern of behavior like we find in the Right or even in totalitarian regimes. When I read William Bennett's illuminating Why We Fight, his response to the 9/11 first American genocide, I thought that he exaggerated the depth of the American self-hate behavior. Bennett argued that the liberals have a strong base of power. They are the intellectual elite, they are the educators and they view patriotism as a negative value! They expressed hate to what they defined as militarism. They view a citizen with an American flag in his hand as a threat to democracy. And they expressed hate and rule intolerance to those who have dared to encounter them. They force their values on the public. They propagated their totalitarian truth.

Those who did not agree with them immediately were stigmatized as anti-liberal, racists, or fascists, as well. Those who objected to their intellectual brain-washing were declared to be a danger to the American constitution. This pattern of verbal violence against those we have different concepts and values were enforced by the best brain control of the 21st century: The electronic media. This machine of brainwashing turned us into victims of intensive brainwashing, victims of a perverted agenda of the "idiot box", T.V. screens.

Of course, there are exceptions to my generalizations, but most of us who watch the screens were victimized by this liberal agenda. All the propagated values of the liberal agenda were one epitome of the idea that American patriotism is an anti-liberal dangerous concept. To support the government, to support the war, in their eyes, was the serving of the evil powers, a way to fascism. The idea was to support "peace" or the "U.N." Suddenly, the liberals discovered the U.N., as the "Angel of Peace." Furthermore, any one, any country which came out against this country, such as France, or any country such as Canada or Turkey, countries that betrayed the U.S., more or less, all of them were welcomed by the liberal establishment and their electronic media partners. Also, they did not hesitate to spread false fears: The whole world is against America. They happily aired anti-American demonstrations whose goals and motives had almost nothing to do with Iraq. These anti-American demonstrations, many orchestrated by the official government, just used the timing to express their hate for America. Here the liberals only were looking to blame America for this hate. Suddenly, these authentic mass demonstrations evaporated, gone with the Iraqi wind. Liberals and their bunch of self-appointed "experts" of terrorism or counter-terrorism, only tried to develop trauma or paranoia inside the American society. It was liberal wishful thinking that this war would be a failure, a disaster to America, a new Vietnam.

Remember their predications that many Americans will be killed or that America will massacre thousands of Iraqi children. During the weeks of battles when American soldiers fought for their country, when American soldiers were killed in action, the liberals like puppets kept saying: "Where are the weapons of mass destruction?"

Indirectly they said: "Bush is a liar or an idiot. He entangled America in a war without any justification." Their house scholars kept defining this war for the freedom of Iraq as an "illegitimate war" ignoring the fact that the House and the Senate approved of this war.

Suddenly the Congress disappeared from their screens!! The Congress was dismantled in their dogmatic eyes because Democrats declared their support for this war. The Congress was suddenly replaced by the people "vox dei, vox populi." The liberals, an elitist class, became a supporter of a populist movement or the anti-war movement. The liberals declared that the American people are against the war. They spoke for the silent majority. What a hypocrisy! Since when do the liberals care about the fate of the masses, the ordinary people, the consumers and even the American Labor movement? Anti-war movements expressed their concern for the fate of the Iraqi children. Did they really care about children? Did they demonstrate for the suffering children of Rwanda, for example?

I ask myself as to the motives of the American liberals. Why are they willing to do almost anything in their power to stop the war on the Iraqi liberation? Why did they try by all means to enforce their agenda on the America people? There is only one answer: Their war for "peace" and "justice" was a cover-up for their war against the Republican presidency of President Bush. It was a fanatic struggle against the Bush Administration. These liberals have wishful thinking: To get rid of Bush! And this goal blinded their eyes, their judgment, their honesty.

I would like to speculate that if Bill Clinton was the one to attack Iraq they would have joyfully supported this war as an "American Jihad," a war to save the Western civilization, a justified war, a sacred democratic mission to liberate the Iraqi people from Satan. But the hate toward the Republicans is too deep in their hearts. These liberals betrayed the beauty of the liberal idea: You have to tolerate your opponent's values. You can not persecute your adversaries by stigmatizing them as "fascists," "racists", or other curses. You expect liberals to believe in the notion: "I do not agree with you but I will fight for your right to express your ideas."

But the shame of the liberals stems from the fact that they never really have cared for the fate of the Iraqi people. They never expressed their hate for Saddam Hussein's regime, a new model of Soviet Russia, a version of Stalinism. The war exposed the suffering of the Iraqi masses. It has exposed the Iraqi "new class" of parasites. A regime that pushed its people into poverty. Iraq, with its oil, is an underdeveloped country because for 30 years a class of party's elite exploited the Iraqi people and stole its money and resources.

The war exposed, again, the characteristics of a totalitarian regime on our globe. The liberals, the anti-Bush fighters, the liberal propagandists, the left demagogues, the anti-war false pacifists, should be ashamed because, by their protests and demonstrations, they covered up these realities of the Iraqi dictatorship. They had a role of a cover leaf. Probably Saddam and his henchmen were enjoying seeing the American liberals fighting their fight of propaganda in the West. As far as I know, the Nazis or other dictators in our modern history, were not lucky like Saddam Hussein in mobilizing the liberal or the left camp for their need to be supported, for their manipulation. Indeed, Saddam was lucky! (The Soviets forced their supporters, the communists, to ignore Nazism when they signed the infamous agreement with Hitler on August 23, 1939.) Of course, there is one exception: The left in America does support a dictator, Fidel Castro, to a certain extent.

The shame of American liberalism is a deviation from the true liberal idea. The reason for this shame of supporting the Iraqi dictatorship even indirectly, shame of an attempt to dividing the American society, is simple: The liberal-left, anti-Bush impulse. The shame is originated from a liberal hate toward President Bush, a hate which is not typical to a liberal establishment. The victory, the achievements of this war for the liberation of Iraq isolates the liberals from the American people whose common sense motivated them to be patriots to support this successful war!

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